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Theres more to a travel photographers kit than a camera body and a few lenses. Adobe Flash Player For Games Download'>Adobe Flash Player For Games Download. Here are the essentials the pros always keep close at hand. How many computers can I install my Creative Cl. Adobe Community. Jeff,Here is a concern I have. I called sales support yesterday and asked the following questions. I have 3 computers 1 PC tower, 1 i. Mac and 1 Mac. Book Pro. When I first started using Adobe all the way through CS5 Master Collection I always owned the Windows Box Versions. I have been waiting for months for this to come out so I could move my workflow over to Mac. OS X.     Since the Creative Cloud supports both MAC and Windows installs the question I asked was can I install it on both my 2 Mac Computers. Then if I need to use it on my PC can I simply deactivate and then activate on it for use The answer your support person gave was YES  So the answer in this topic dont even flow with the answers from calling the 8. So now reading this forum topic I am really confused. I like many others have definate reasons why I may want to flip flop the machine I am using the software on  1 I have 4. AE plug ins.   2. So they only run on a windows machine. Even, though I intend on my primary workflow to be used on a MAC there may come a time when I need to use one of these plug ins and then would have to switch my activation to the PC to use it. Another scenario,  Lets face it Apple has not been to keen on upgrading the Mac Pro systems. Macs are great but have their limitations with graphics cards, drives, and memory. So if you go a complicated AE render to do,i. It makes a lot more sense to run it on a PC at this time for me. So my hope here is I would de activate one of my MACs activate my PC then render away. I like many others completely understand that we are only suppose to operate our software on 1 machine at a time. I am cool with you checking this. Other posters have asked what if I forget to turn one machine off leave with my Mac. Book Pro and then fire it up. Will I be in trouble  Not sure how you handle this if you dont have a connection. But Spotify the music streaming company license their software to me the user. If I fire up one machine,  Then grab my i. Phone and try to listen it turns it off on the other machine. Apps in the app store like Motion. X Drive do the same thing. I am an Electrical Automation Engineer by day and a GraphicVideo Designer Enthusiast at night. In all the programming software that every vendor provides they provide a licensing server software service that sits locally within the location. It manages concurrent licenses, without the need for online connections. Any computer needing to run simply pulls the license from the network connected license server software service. When the program is done it releases the license. The only issues with this is if your license server crashes. It can be a bit of a headache with support to get your license back. Others simply have an online site like Apple Where you simply log in and de activate devices as needed. Heck even Hulu, and Netflix offer this. I think if Adobe wants the Cloud thing to take off then they need to re evaluate this. The license needs to follow the user not the device. The user should have a painless simple way to activate and de activate their license back to their Adobe ID. The DJI Spark Is an Incredibly Exciting Start to an Insane Future. Small drones are not new. The first and, ultimately, most important thing youll notice about the Spark is its size. It is tiny. Its so tiny, it makes the very small Mavic Pro look like. Toy sized quadcopters have been on the market for years helping kids and dads start flying for a relatively reasonable price and not much expertise. Yet small drones that can do almost anything a big drone can do Thats new. And thats what makes the DJI Spark so exciting. What is it A powerful drone the size of a cannoli. Like. Its super fun, especially for the price. No like. Gesture control could use some work. The first and, ultimately, most important thing youll notice about the Spark is its size. It is tiny. Its so tiny, it makes the very small Mavic Pro look like an obese giant. If the Mavic Pro is the size of Italian sandwich, the Spark is the size of a hearty cannoli. At 3. 00 grams, it weighs about as much as a cannoli, too. Since a recent court ruling found that the Federal Aviation Administration FAA cannot require hobbyists to register their drones, you can just take the Spark out of the box and start flying for fun. If youre using it for commercial purposes, those rules still apply. Thats part of why it took two people to review this bite sized little quadcopter. Michael is a licensed commercial drone pilot, so he manned the controls. Adam is a recreational pilot, so he worked as the spotter and photographer. And to be a real dad about it, you should always do your drone flights with a friend. BWQx8/526x297--lo.jpg' alt='Adobe Premiere Pro Cs6 32 Bit Portable Air' title='Adobe Premiere Pro Cs6 32 Bit Portable Air' />At the very least, two sets of eyes come in handy, when youre trying to keep your eye on the aircraft. Since the Spark is so small, youll need all the help you can get. What kind of tiny drone is this Broadly speaking, the Spark boasts all of the same features as the larger, folding Mavic Pro, but everything is dialed down. With a maximum speed of 3. Spark is not as fast as the Mavic Pros 4. With a maximum transmission distance of 1. Spark cant fly as far as the Mavic Pro which has a range of 4. With a battery half the size of the Mavic Pros, the Spark cant fly as long. Youll get 1. 6 minutes of flight on a single Spark charge. The Mavic Pros battery lasts 2. The 1. 08. 0p camera and two axis gimbal on the Spark is not nearly as good as the 4. K camera and three axis gimbal on the Mavic Pro. Yet like the Mavic Pro and the Phantom 4, the DJI Spark features obstacle avoidance technology and extra sensors that enable intelligent flight modes, like Tap Fly, Active Track, and Gestures. That last one is where the Spark really stands out. Thanks to an infrared sensor on the front of the aircraft, you can actually control the Spark with your palm. A lot of people are calling this Jedi Mode, and its pretty cool, when it works. This is all especially exciting since the Spark only costs 5. That makes it not only the smallest drone DJIs ever made but also the cheapest. But theres a catch, that 5. Spark with a controller. To get a controller, you have to buy the Spark Fly More Combo for 7. The combo comes with a lot of other stuff that youll definitely want, like propeller guards, extra propellers, and an extra battery. Howeverand thats a capital H howeverlet us remind you that you dont need the controller to fly the Spark. You can fly it with your hands, or you can use a smartphone or tablet. Its great for beginners who dont need another joy stick in their lives, but that experience might not be ideal for seasoned drone pilots, who love the tactile feel of a controller. How does this tiny drone do in the sky Think of the Spark as a personal drone. Everything about it is designed to make you feel safe and in controlespecially if you spring for those propellor guards. You can technically fly the Spark with your hands and take selfies by making a picture frame with your fingers. Toss the Spark in a backpack and go on vacation to California. It can take off from your palm, track you and your pal as you pose next to a redwood, take a photo, and then land on your palm. Toshiba Bluetooth Stack Driver Windows 8 64 Bit. Except for the whole California vacation thing, we did this. It worked. But the gesture control is far from perfect. You really do have to learn the different gestures and train yourself a little to do them exactly right. Even then, youre very limited to what you can do it. Basically, the Spark will take a photo of you and fly within a few feet of your palm. Its a parlor trick at best. And dont even think about trying it in the wind. The Spark bounces around in a breeze, and that seems to confuse the infrared sensor to no end. But the technology still feels like the first generation of a thrilling new wave of drones that work with minimal effort and require nothing more than a trained human to make them fly. Or maybe, in the future, these drones will be sentient and take over the world. We dont know yet, and thats what makes it so exciting What does it do besides taking selfies Thing is, you dont need the gesture control at all. Its a fun bonus for a drone thats already awesome. Its like the Mazda Miata of drones. Sure, its not the biggest or most powerful thing you can buy. But its fun as hell. We could really see the Spark being extra fun for wannabe drone racers. While 3. 1 mph isnt the fastest speed for a DJI drone, it feels fast when youre flying the Spark in sport mode. And because the Spark is roughly the same size as the racing drones you see people flying in the Drone Racing League on ESPN, youll start to feel like you could get the hang of this hobby. The big bummer is that the Spark currently doesnt work with DJI Goggles, the companys first person view FPV headset. Meanwhile, the camera is exceedingly decent for simple stuff like taking a selfie or shooting an aerial view of the city skyline. However one thing that the Spark camera really doesnt do well is tilt the camera lens up or down. The barebones two axis gimbal doesnt move smoothly it essentially jumps from one position to the next, which will keep the Spark from being useful for budding cinematographers who want smooth pans. If you find yourself disappointed by little shortcomings like a jerky gimbal or lack of FPV goggles, the Spark might not be for you. Youre probably someone who already owns a Phantom or a Mavic Pro or, who knows, a freaking 3. Inspire. You might consider buying a Spark for your kids, though. Heck, get one for your fun loving mom or that close friend youve been convincing to take up the hobby. Its an expensive way to get started with drones, but its worth it for the right person. Should you buy the Spark But before you spend any money, consider your mission. Are you a beginner, looking to get a first drone that works dependably well for most purposes The Sparks a great choice. Are you a long time Phantom owner, looking for something more portable The Spark is a good choice, but for 3. Mavic Pro is better. Are you an aerial cinematographer hoping to get some of your footage in a Hollywood movie You shouldnt even be reading this right now, because you should be saving up for the 5,0. DJI Matrice. This is another way of saying that, with the addition of the Spark, DJI really does sell a drone for every level of expertise. And quite impressively, the 5. Spark is just enough drone for most people. No matter how advanced you are as a pilot, the Spark is genuinely fun to fly. It could get even better with age, too, thanks to potential firmware updates and improvements to the gesture control. Otherwise, its a magical glimpse into an exciting future of drones, aircraft that are smaller than we thought possible and that can do more than ever before. Update 72. 62. 01. This story has been updated to include new details about FAA drone rules, namely the fact that small drones no long need to be registered if theyre being flown for recreational purposes. READMEAt 5. 00, the Spark is DJIs cheapest drone and a great entry level aircraft for would be pilots. But you should buy the 7. Gesture control is fun idea that doesnt work that well, although software updates could improve it.