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Major. Geeks. Com Major. Geeks. Basilisk is a Firefox like web browser from the Pale. Moon team that is based on the Goanna Gecko layout and rendering engine. Open. SCAD is software for creating solid 3. D CAD objects. VOVSOFT Webcam Capture enables you to monitor and modify display properties of your webcam. VOVSOFT Burn Studio enables uncomplicated CD, DVD, and Blu ray burning from a simple interface. Registry Life is a compact program that helps correct errors and optimizes the registry to increase the speed and stability of your system. Play. On gives you easy access to a broad range of internet content on your TV with your computer or Android. Event. Sentry Light was designed to assist IT professionals proactively manage and monitor their infrastructure. Multi. Boot. USB is a software installer which allows the user to install multiple Live Linux Distros to a single USB drivePendriveFlash drive and able to boot from it. Text Editor Pro formerly Edit. Bone is a powerful text editing tool that comes with syntax highlighting support for multiple languages and scripts. File. Menu Tools is an easy to use application for customizing the context menu of Windows Explorer. AIMP Skin Editor allows you to easily customize your AIMP player by creating and modifying the skins. AIMP is an advanced multimedia player that includes an audio converter, recorder, and tag editor. Hidden Disk allows you to easily create password protected disks that can be used to store personal or confidential data. Icecream Screen Recorder is an easy to use utility that allows you to capture a screen area of any size as well as the added capability to record short videos. UCheck can check your computer for out of date apps as well as hardware and system drivers. Spotify lets you listen to the music you want, wherever you are. You can listen to artists and albums or create your own playlist of your favorite songs. Lign. Up Multi Collector is a way for collectors to keep track of their collections in a database. Jailer is an Open Source app for database subsetting, schema, and data browsing. Db. Visualizer is a universal database for administrators, developers, and analysts. It runs on all major OS and can connect to all commercially viable database engines. Database Browser provides fast database connections that allow browsing and modification of data, running SQL scripts, exporting, importing, printing data and more. Universal SQL Editor provides the means to connect to any ODBC compliant database, such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, etc. Total Security uses a multi virus detection engine to shield you against the latest security threats. Dx. Wnd is designed to make older Windows games that run in a window load fullscreen improving video modes, compatibility and more. Ellp is an option rich way to automate a number of common and useful procedures for your PC. How To Install Usb Wifi Adapter On Kali Linux Commands. Paintball 3. D is bot only offline indie developed paintball game with a first person perspective. Mc. Afee Stinger is a standalone utility used to detect and remove specific viruses. Video tutorial available. WINDOWS/large/ImmunetProtect_03large.png' alt='Antivirus Clamav Windows Xp' title='Antivirus Clamav Windows Xp' />Download FREE antivirus and malware protection. Tune up your PC, Mac and Android devices for peak performance. Surf safely and privately, wherever you are. Offering shareware and freeware downloads, drivers, with reviews, to improve your computers performance for beginner to advanced users as well a message forum. Improper installation of the Reimage Protector program. Windows system fails to locate the default uninstaller of the application. Some files and components of the. Avast Free Edition Avast Free Antivirus is the perfect package of applications for people who send emails and surf popular websites to protect their computers. Freeware heaven A fabulous selection of completely free WinDOS software tested, reviewed and rated. ClamAV Clam AntiVirus ist ein unter der GNU General Public License stehendes Virenschutzprogramm also eine Anwendung gegen Schdlinge wie etwa Viren mit. The full list of antivirus software incompatible with Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows is available in the incompatible. File. Optimizer is an advanced file manager and optimizer featuring a lossless no quality loss file size reduction that supports many formats. Auto. Hide. Desktop. Icons allows automatic hiding and showing features for your desktop icons including an adjustable timer and arbitrary activation options. Font. View. OK creates an extremely easy to use visual overview of all installed fonts. Net. Rummy is a game based on Rummy which is played over the internet with multiple clients. Origin for PC lets you play games, challenge friends, explore Origin games and stay connected to the gaming community. Polaris Office is a free office app with an all in one feature to view, edit, share, memo, and archive all types of documents anytime and anywhere. Photostage Slideshow Software will preserve all your precious photo memories with a multimedia slideshow presentation youll be proud to share with everyone. App. Check Anti Ransomware affords you with real time context aware protection against todays ransomware threats. DVDFab Passkey Lite is a Windows based driver that works on the fly to unprotect encrypted movie DVDs and Blu ray discs. NETGATE Internet Security provides a complete protection suite for mitigating Internet threats from malware, spyware, adware, trojans, worms, viruses, rootkits, phishing, and spam. Spy Emergency is an all in one suite of anti malware tools intended for the protection of your PC from spyware, trojans, spam, etc. Fort. Knox Personal Firewall provides configurable protection against Internet threats and other types of malicious attacks. To. Do. List is a task management tool that enables you to repeatedly sub divide your personal or work tasks into more manageable pieces. Grammarly for Chrome helps make you a better writer by assisting in finding and correcting mistakes within a body of text, effectively fixing up to 1. Also available for Firefox. ADVANCED Codecs is an audio and video codec package which contains a full suite of codecs whereas the STANDARD Codecs only contains the LAV filters and xy VSFilter for subtitles. Video tutorial on codecs available. STANDARD Codecs is an audio and video codec package which only contains the LAV filters and xy VSFilter for subtitles whereas the ADVANCED Codecs contains a full suite of codecs. Download Best Free Antivirus and AntiSpyware Software for Windows If you are a Windows user, you must install an antivirus and antispyware software in your system. A simple GUI suitable for recovery bootable media NOTES. Memory scan of System processes needs Debug Privileges, on Windows XP. Video tutorial on codecs available. ADVANCED x. 64. Components is an audio and video codec package which contains a full suite of codecs whereas the STANDARD x. Components only contains the LAV filters and xy VSFilter for subtitles. Video tutorial on codecs available. STANDARD x. 64. Components is an audio and video codec package which only contains the LAV filters and xy VSFilter for subtitles whereas the ADVANCED x. Components contains a full suite of codecs. Video tutorial on codecs available. Antivirus Clamav Windows Xp' title='Antivirus Clamav Windows Xp' />Blazing fast. With IDM downloading has never been easier, safer or faster prepare yourself for blazing download speeds of up to ten yes youve read right, up to. Antivirus Clamav Windows Xp' title='Antivirus Clamav Windows Xp' />Corsair Link gives you access and control over case fans, lighting, compatible Corsair power supplies and Hydro Series liquid CPU coolers all from a centralized command center. Folder Lock offers the fastest way of encryptingpassword protecting files and folders. Garmin Express is designed to help you manage your Garmin GPS devices by updating maps, activities and more. Syncovery will copy your files the way you need it done as well as backup your data and synchronize PCs, Macs, servers, notebooks, and online storage space. Avira Free Antivirus was developed to be a reliable antivirus solution that constantly and rapidly scans your computer for malicious programs. Avira Internet Security Suite offers professional protection against viruses and malware, worms, Trojans, adware, spyware, and phishing. Avira Free Antivirus is also available. FBackup is a lightweight automated backup program to help protect your important files and folders from being lost. Backup. 4all is a very powerful backup utility for the protection of all your valuable data from total or partial loss using an intuitive interface to define customized backup configurations. Keppys Synthesizer is a MIDI driver for professional use. It is a fork of the original BASSMIDI Driver by Kode. Total Security Essential as the name implies is just pure antivirus providing comprehensive protection against the latest security threats with a combined virus detection engine. Open Broadcaster OBS Studio is an open source app for video recording and live streaming. Free Bootable Anti. Virus Rescue CDs Download List. Bootable Anti. Virus Rescue CD is a form of bootable antivirus CD source that perform scans and removes computer virus without booting computer operating system first. Most of bootable Rescue CD builds are build based on Linux Live CD distribution, which load a simple operating system to scan malware threads without writing any system files on your hard drive. Why Bootable Antivirus Rescue CD is UsefulBootable antivirus Rescue CD solution is the most effective way to remove the virus, trojan and malware because it can track down viruses, trojans and other malware are embedded so tightly into your operating system, which cannot be detected or removed by antivirus software running in that system. Plus more, some of the antivirus rescue CDs even integrates with utilities tools such as hard disk partition software, Rootkit scanner and other system tasks. Since there are many antivirus companies providing antivirus rescue CD for free. Below is the free bootable rescue CD download list, which allows you download and burn Antivirus Bootable ISO images using burning software. Free Antivirus Rescue CD Download List Kaspersky Rescue CDKaspersky Rescue Disk consider the most popular bootable antivirus equipped with their latest Kaspersky Antivirus, which you can perform virus scanning and remove viruses before booting your operating system. However, kaspersky Rescue Disk has disadvantage which the kaspersky virus definitions cannot be updated. This mean any kaspersky virus definition update requires downloading full boot disk and burned to CD again. Updates The latest Kaspersky Rescue Disk has been improved a lot. The most important is Kaspersky Rescue disk now support online virus definition update once the computer is attaching to internet access. Guide How to Use kaspersky Rescue Disk as Bootable DOS Antivirus. Guide 2 How to build Kaspersky Rescue Disk Bootable Antivirus. Guide 3 How to create bootable Antivirus USB with Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk. Bit. Defender Rescue CDGreat antivirus rescue disk equips with their latest Bit. Sadhana By Rabindranath Tagore Pdf. Defender antivirus scanning engines ICSA Labs certified. Meanwhile, Bit. Defender Rescue Disk can automatically update its virus definition if you computer is connecting to Internet access. Bit. Defender Rescue CD also bundles many useful third party utilities such as Chk. Rootkit for scanning for rootkis, Nessus Network Scanner as remote network security scanner, Mozilla Firefox, Partition Image, Gtk. Recover and etc to improve productivity of rescue disk. Guide How to Create Bootable Bit. Defender Rescue Disk CDF Secure Rescue CDF Secure rescue CD provides basic antivirus, malware and rookits scanning features only. But the F Secure Virus definition databases can be updated via two methods either is using internet connection on computer or updated manually by using a USB drive. Guide How to create F Secure Rescue CDAvira Antivir Rescue Disk. Avira is a Linux Rescue CD is a bootable antivirus which can help you repair damaged system, perform data recovery or scan virus infections on system. Meanwhile,  Avira Anti. Vir Rescue System also updating several times a day contains virus definitions VDF so that the most recent security updates are always available. Guide How to create Avira Antivir Rescue System. Trinity Rescue Kit CDTrinity Rescue Kit CD is a bootable antivirus comes with 4 different antivirus products such as Clam. AV, AVG, F Prot, and Bit. Defender integrated in a single uniform command line with online virus update capability. Plus more, there are a lot of system utilities on Trinity Rescue CD such as windows password resetting, disk partition software and etc. Download Trinity Rescue Kit CDAVG Rescue CD Bootable AVG Antivirus CD USBAVG rescue CD is portable AVG anti virus version, which runs as bootable CD or bootable USB flash drive. This rescue CD equips with AVG Antivirus and AVG Anti Spyware to scan and removes computer virus without booting operating system first. Consider the best tool to recover those malfunction Windows and Linux operating systems FAT3. NTFS file systems that attacked by virus and spyware. Meanwhile, Administrator toolset on AVG rescue disk are Windows Registry editor, Test. Disk utility for data recovering and lost partitions, file browser for navigating folders, and Ping tool for basic network diagnostics. Guide How to create bootable AVG Rescue CD USBShardana Antivirus Rescue Disc Utility. Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disc Utility Shardu is a bootable antivirus rescue CD utility that integrates with multiple antivirus rescue disks, useful utilities, linux live CDs and also Windows PE under one bootable disc. Besides burning as bootable rescue disc, Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disc Utility also can be extract into USB flash drive as bootable USB drive. This multiple antivirus rescue disc utility can consider as great computer troubleshooting tools if your computer cant be start. It comes with a lot of computer features like hard disk partitioning, hard disk defragment, data backup, data shredder, hard disk cloning, password recovery, antivirus scanning, computer boot fixing, restore computer boot program and other advanced utility. Guide How to create Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk CDGuide How to create Shardana 2 Rescue Disk CDDr Web Live Bootable Antivirus CDDr. Web Live. CD is another wonderful bootable antivirus rescue CD act as standalone emergency aid toolkits to clean up virus and malicious file out from your operating system or backup all important files to other storage directory. Once you choose boot up Dr Web Live. CD GUI mode, it will automatically detect all available disk drives available on computer and connect to the local network, if available. Plus more, Dr. Web Live. CD also supports updating of the virus database and can be used to send suspicious files to the virus laboratory. Guide How to create Dr Web Live Bootable Anti. Virus CDShare with us If you know any free bootable antivirus rescue cd that should includes on the above list.