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ID scanner and ID reader for scanning ID cards. Process images on the cloud at a lightning speed on any device such as desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet etc. Barcode Scanner LZ3. RF Wireless RF Laser Bar Code Readers. Without a wire you can scan bar codes from as far away as 5. The US Made LZ3. 60 RF is our rugged cordless laser scanner that transmits scanned bar codes wirelessly to the B7. USB Base Station. These bar code readers are designed and engineered to offer industry leading wireless range and high performance instant scanning in tough industrial environments. These wireless RF Laser Scanners works just like our corded bar code readers for bar code scanning scanned bar code data can be input into any application or program, just place the cursor wherever you want bar code data entry, scan a bar code, and the data will appear as keyed data. Barcode Scanning Software Full FreeRF Range is up to 5. USB Base Enumerates as a USB HID Keyboard or a SerialCOM Port Works on any Computer running Windows 1. Vista, XP, or, mac. OS, Mac OS X and Linux. Lasers per Base 1. Base Stations can operate in one area Powerful Spread Spectrum 2. Ghz Radio Ideal for shipping, receiving, warehouse, and medical applications. Fast 3 hour recharge of built in Li Ion battery. FCC IC approved for license free operation in the USA or Canada 3 Year Warranty Made In The USA of U. S. Imported Parts. Operational. System Interface. Wireless 2. 4. Ghz Radio Communication to B7. USB Base Station Enumerates as HID Keyboard or CDC Serial DeviceOperating System Windows 1. Vista, XP, mac. OS, Mac OS X, Linux. Radio Frequency 2. Barcode Scanning Software Full' title='Barcode Scanning Software Full' />Ghz 1. Spread Spectrum Radio. RF Transmission Range Up to 5. Laser to Base. Beeper Operation Confirming Beeps for Successful Decodes and for. Successful RF Transmission, Plus 5 Tones. The LZ360RF cordless handheld barcode laser scanners from Worth Data talk wirelessly to a B700 USB base station that attaches to any USB port on a Windows or Mac. Performance Imaging A custom sensor optimized for barcodes enhances scanning aggressiveness. Indicators LEDTri Color LED GreenDecode OrangeScan, Blue RFProgramming Programming Setup via Bar Code Setup Menu. D Bar Codes Supported Code 3. Full ASCII Code 3. UPC A, UPC E, EAN 1. EAN 8, ISBN, Code 9. P-Barcode-Creator-Basic_2.png' alt='Barcode Scanning Software Full Life' title='Barcode Scanning Software Full Life' />Barcode Scanning Software Full RemoveStandard, ITF Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar, Code 1. UCCEAN 1. 28, GS1 1. MSI, Plessey, GS1 Data. Bar. Light Source. W Laser Diode. Scan Speed. Scan Angle. 53 2Minimum Bar Width. Print Contrast. 20 minimum reflectance differential. Physical. Height Laser 5. Base 1. 0 2. 5mmDepth. Laser 4. 7 1. 19mm Base 2. Width Laser 3. 1 7. Base. 5 1. 3mmWeight. Laser 8. 8 oz 2. Base 2 oz 7. Base Station Connection. USB Type A USB 1. Windows 1. 0, 8, 7, Vista, XP, mac. OS, Mac OS X, Linux. Power. Input Voltage. VDC 1. 0 USBBattery. Ah Rechargeable 3. V Li Ion. Battery Life. Hours Continuous Use or 2. Scans Per Charge. List Of Hotmail Email Addresses. Recharge Time. 3 Hours Indicated by Red LEDLaser Class. CDRH class II IEC class 2. FCC Class BContains FCC ID QPU3. IC 4. 53. 2A SN3. Environmental. Operating Temperature. F to 1. 22F 0C to 5. CHumidity. 5 to 9. Ambient Light Immunity. Sunlight 1. 0,0. Indoor 4. Shock. 5 drop to concrete. Warranty. 3 Years Parts Labor. The Worth Data wireless LZ3. RF Laser scanners have industry leading RF range and. B7. 00 USB Base Station in an open area. The LZ3. 60 RF Laser uses a 2. Ghz frequency hopping spread spectrum radio to provide excellent interference free coverage and range. Our high performance radio has over 3x the range of common Bluetooth RF Laser Scanners that are on the market The LZ3. RF Laser is a 2 Way Laser Scanner featuring a confirming beep. Laser itself to let the user know that the data. USB RF Base Station. The cordless convenience makes it safer to scan large items without worrying about tripping hazards, reducing the need to lift or move large items to scan them. The user can easily walk around the item to scan it without the cord limiting movement. This make these scanners perfect for point of sale, manufacturing, project management, retail, wholesale, and supply chain tasks. Our Wireless bar code scanners are compatible with popular POS, ERP, and Accounting software products like Quickbooks, Peachtree, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, plus Microsoft Office applications including Access or Excel. We design and build these scanners in our California facility enabling us to provide the highest quality and best performing scanners on the market we are proud to still build bar code scanners in the USA. LZ3. 60 RF Laser Scan Gun The LZ3. RF Laser. Scanner is designed to read all types of standard 1. D bar codes including. Instantly read tough, worn, damaged, dirty, or even poorly printed bar codes. This. scanner reads 0 1. This scanner is designed for tough industrial work environments and is very rugged. The laser housing is built to withstand abuse and is made from a very tough, thick walled polycarbonateABS blend in black to not show stains or dirt. It also has a thick silicone rubber bumper around the top of the gun to further protect it from damage and drops. In addition, there is no external antenna to break or damage. The scanner exit window is recessed, to keep it protected, and is made from scratch resistant coated. We also designed the LZ3. RF Gun to have industry leading battery life. During normal use the built in Li ion battery will last for over 4. In addition, the unit can be recharged in just 3 hours with the included fast recharging power supply. The LZ3. 60 RF reads all standard 1. D bar codes including UPCEAN, UCC EAN 1. Code 3. 9, Full ASCII Code 3. Code 1. 28, Codabar, MSI Plessey, GS1 Data. Best Software For Ebay Listings here. Bar variants RSS 1. GS1 1. 28, ITF Interleaved 2 of 5, Standard 2 of 5, Bookland EAN, and Code 9. The price on the LZ3. RF Laser Scanner without the B7. B7. 00 USB RF Laser Base Station. The. B7. 00 USB RF Laser Base Station connects as a USB keyboard on a computer running Windows or Mac OS with no special software or drivers required. Data is input into the computer as keyboard data, so it is compatible with any application you already have. Just place the cursor wherever you want bar code data to appear and then scan your bar code it is that simple The B7. USB CDC RS 2. SerialCOM port device on a Windows PC. Up to 1. 0 Base stations can operate within range of each other each B7. USB Base can support up to 1. LZ3. 60 RF laser scanners. The B7. 00 USB RF Base Station is. No power supply is needed the Base Station connects directly to a USB port and gets its power from the computer. A complete single gun system consisting of a LZ3. RF Laser Scanner, B7. USB RF Base Station is only. USA or Canada Product. Part Number Description Price LZ3. RF B7. 00 LZ3. RF Wireless Laser Scanner, B7. USB Base Station wrecharging power supply LZ3. Upon A Burning Body Red White Green 320 here. RFLZ3. 60 RF Wireless Laser Scanner wrecharging power supply B7. Base B7. 00 USB Base Station F1. Worth Data 5. V1. Replacement Recharging Power Supply Power supply is included standard with each LZ3. RF Laser PurchasedFEATURED VIDEOS FOR THIS PRODUCT How Does It Work Worth Data Keyboard Bar Code Scanners. How To Pairing a RF Laser B7.