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SAP Implementation Blueprints. SAP Implementation Process. ComputerWoordenboek. Omdat ik vaak vragen zoals Wat is een. Wat zijn. kreeg, heb ik een woordenboek met computertaal gemaakt. De onderstaande lijst bevat. View and Download Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 11 hardware maintenance manual online. Hardware Maintenance Manual. ThinkPad Edge 11 Laptop pdf manual download. Configuring Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid Capabilities. Jeremy Taylor, Neil Hodgkinson, and Manas Biswas. Forewords by Je Teper, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft. What is ASAP Methodology. ASAP Accelerated Systems Application and Products in Data Processing. All implementation projects have the following phases. Scoping What is to be implemented i. Look at the project scope document carefully it will tell you what SAP sub modules in SAP you should be prepared for. Usually the sales people along with project manager do it. As is Here you understand the existing business processes of the client. Your BPOcollect all the ISO documentation if client is ISO certified, reports and forms at this stage and you analyse how and when the reportsforms are generated, where the data is coming from. Bdc Program To Upload Customer Master Data' title='Bdc Program To Upload Customer Master Data' />You also do a Level 2 training for your BPO so he is made aware of all the required transactions in SAP. Once this is over BPO can start learning with the consultants help more about SAP. This is crucial because if you miss out any transactions the BPO may forget about some of his Business processes which may come up later. It is a good practice to ask the BPO to make flow charts to explain business processes. To Be Parallely you map these processes to SAP. Processes that you are not sure of as to whether they are present in SAP or not you try to do a configuration of those processes, and along with the BPOBusiness process owner he is the clients employee who knows about the clients business processes probably a middle management guy, ther can more than one, BPO involvement is required as he may be able to tell you his requirements better. Once you do the business modeling you. ABAP developmentsystem modification is required or not and so on. Involve the BPO as much as possible and document everything it is good practice do not be lazy about it. Business blueprint Here the as is and to be and gap analysis is explained. This is the document that you will be using to do your configuration in the realization phase. Realization phase Here you do the configuration in the development server there are three clients development,quality, production. You also decide on the master data format, so that BPO can go collect the master data. AAEAAQAAAAAAAAguAAAAJGFiNzZhOTY4LTFiN2MtNGRhNC05ZWM4LTE2MzAxMGU3ODUzNw.png' alt='Bdc Program To Upload Customer Master Data' title='Bdc Program To Upload Customer Master Data' />You also gove ABAP specifications for forms, reports etc, system modifications etc. Unit testing Your BPOs and a few key users sit down and test your configuration in your module only. It is good to test the BDCs that you need for uploading data at this stage so you have more realistic data and your BDCs are tested. Integration testing. Once all modules unit testing is over then the configuration is trasported to the Quality server, where testing for all the modules is done by BPOs and end user, this is to check if any problems are there in integration between various modules. Once all is okay from the QA server config is transported to the production server. Go live preparation. Data uploading The collected master data is checked and the uploaded into production serversever and client I have used interchangeably. Now you are ready for go live i. Complete Technical Acronyms, Glossary Definitions for PC, SAN, NAS, QA, Testing, HDTV, Wireless, Linux, Embedded, Networks, Video, Digital, pharma, Unix, Video. ASAP methodoligy means nothing but standard process for implementation of SAP, It consists of 5 phases. Project preperation consists of identifying team members and developing strategy as how to go. Business Blue print consists of identifying the client current process, reqeirement and how SAP provides solution. Consists of detailed documentaion. Realization The purpose of this phase is to implement all the business and process requirements based on the. Business Blueprint. Final Preparation The purpose of this phase is to complete testing, end user training. Go Live and Support All the functinal consultatns need good rapo with Abapers. BDCs, Forms etc, here functinal consultatns need to give guidence as to get the requried data for reports and all. What is baseline configuration in sap Base line and Final config is the third phase in ASAP methadology. The purpose of this phase is to implement all the business process requirements based on business blue print. You customize the system step by step in 2 work packages Base Line Configuration Final Configuration. Base Line Configuration this phase comprises the priority requirements of the enterprise, ensuring that they can be implemented quickly. This phase can be completed without programming or enhancements to SAP systems. Final Configuration in this phase you confirm that all your requirements are met in the R3 system. Final configuration is a transportation process that expands that base line solution. Documentation which is prepared before and in a project. Fit Gap or Gap Analysis. Business Process Design. Business Process Model. Business Change Impact. Configuration Design, which is just 5 of Total SAP have different names. Future Impact Change Assessment. Installshield Deletefile'>Installshield Deletefile. Functional Design Module Wise. WSUPLOAD OBSOLETE Transfer Presentation Server File to Internal Table Basis Graphic BDCCLOSEGROUP Close batch input session. Provides communitygenerated content from the IT market. A forum for IT and business professionals to share knowledge with their peers and work together to form. As a part of Project Training it is important for SAP consultants to know about Interfaces and IDOCs. This session is applicable to all module consultants. Risk Assessment. 1. Process Metrics and Many More Which has impact on Business and its work flow. Note This documents are prepared in Vanilla SAP Standards Things differ from one implementation to another, and it always depends on the type of business which is opting for SAP. What Are SAP End User Manual. It is the same for every other modules although here I reference it mainly for SAP HR. You should understand which targeted group for the end user training is for. Do they have any computer background or not. In what way they are going to make use of the manuals supplied to them during the course of training. How to prepare manuals. In the client side, End Users are not permanent. If they get any better job outside they will resign and go out. Even if you train them well, again the end user team disappears after some time. That is why implementing company Client expects SAP Consultants to prepare documents which are self explanatory even to a layman in SAP and study themselves and use the sap easy access very comfortably. Hence we should prepare a document which explains the following things comfortably. A All the buttons and Screens we have in sap and its importance for an end user. B All the transaction codes used by end user. C The STEP by STEP usage methodology with screen shots and explanatory foot notes for each Transaction code. D Prepare a book a table and columns which should have the following information. Transaction Code. Navigation path. Use of the Code. Expected Result. Achieved Result. RemarksAny Comment. E Highlight the common troubles during the usage of SAP by an end user and give the solutions ready to use. These problems you can come across while giving the in house training for the end users. You just place them at one place and publish it for their usage in future for any of their new join as an end user. F Every consultant is aware that the entire Organsiational Management is with end user only. Means consultant should train the end user in entire OM. G We should inform the importance of info types and usage for our purposes at expert mode, PA3. PA4. 0 etc. H Each field in the international infotypes should be explained very clearly and ensure that they are comfortable with the fields of infotypes which have been configured for their company. For example info type 0. Org Assignment insists about the three structures of the HR. We should explain each sub field like Emp Group, Emp Sub Group, Personnel Area and Sub Area and its importance and relevance to their company so as to understand while processing them from the end user point of view. When an employee is hired into the company, now the end user in a position to understand which employee group and subgroup, Personnel Area And Sub Area etc., should allotted. Like this whatever comes across in SAP Easy Access should be insisted through the training of end users. I Demo, exercises and solutions should be provided in the manuals. Output Report To Pdf there. J Glossary of terms and expansion of Acronyms, Abbreviations should be given. Like this each consultant should focus on end user training and prepare the documents.