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Money can buy single estate chocolate, high end spices and vanilla beans, but the deliciousness born of thrift is not to be trifled with. Well, unless youre making trifle. I have a special place in my heart for the kitchen scraps people often think of as trash egg whites and brownie crumbles, bits of biscuit dough, broken macarons, corn cobs and peach pits. Using these things satisfies my deep seated urge to hoard save, but since it keeps food cost down, an official part of my job, no one judges me for it. Beyond that, I love the unexpected creativity these bonus ingredients inspire, the new life they give to recipes Ive made a hundred times before. They remind me I can do more to make a dessert better than simply throwing money at it. Right now, Ive got crates of Kentucky peaches showing up at the restaurant every week. Part of using them to their fullest means, aside from straight up peach desserts, making peach pit and noyau desserts too. When I tweeted a menu update about peach pit panna cotta, I received a flood of replies along the lines of omg, cyanide. Since I couldnt explain the situation in 1. I promised to blog about it and here I go. Peach, apricot, cherry and plum pits all contain a delicious little almond flavored kernel inside their hard shells. The French pitch the pits and keep the kernel, calling it noyau. They use it to make all kinds of super tasty things like marzipan, amaretto and surprise almond extract. Sometimes restaurants use apricot pit or peach pit as a euphemism for noyau, an unfamiliar word to most customers, which only adds to the confusion. The pit holds the kernel, but theyre as different as walnut shells and walnuts. The knee jerk omg cyanide reaction seemingly everyone responds with isnt entirely unfounded. Noyaux contain a substance called amygdalin, which breaks down during digestion to become sinister hydro cyanic acid. Given the chance, a hundred grams of raw stone fruit kernels would produce about 1. Probably the most over hyped, shrug worthy food risk on the planet when you consider a hundred grams of black beans would produce 4. Food and Nutritional Toxicology. As with those deadly black beans, cooking the pits causes a breakdown of the harmful substances and renders them safe for consumption, which is why your game of Clue doesnt come with tiny pewter noyaux along with the wrench and candlestick. Now, back to the pits. The French toss em after they pluck out the kernel, Americans pitch them after eating the fruit, and Brave. Tart thinks they make a great case for saving the best for last. Peach pits and apricot and cherry pits are crazy delicious, please, please, please dont throw yours away. They have a mild, intriguingly nutty flavor and a hint of whatever fruit they rode into town with. If you can pair the final product with something you make from the fruit itself, all the better people wage wars over things less amazing than peach pit ice cream over peach pie. You dont even have to crack the pits open to extract their flavor, which makes them a lot less annoying to harvest than the noyaux. Major bonus. Like vanilla beans, you can steep the pits in any liquid to transform whatever recipe you like into something a little more magical. Steep the pits in water and then use it to make tea or sorbet. Steep them in milk and then use it to make a cake. Flavor the dairy for panna cotta or ice cream or toss the pits in the pot with your next batch of steel cut oats. Toss some in a bottle of your favorite liquor to spruce up your summer cocktails. Once you start thinking of ways to use the pits, all of your favorite recipes seem like prime candidates for pit ification. Sharing a single recipe for pits peach or otherwise cant cover the scope of their use as an ingredient. Theres no one recipe for vanilla beans, right So rather than give you one measly recipe, Ill cover the technique instead. You just need one peach pit for every two ounces of liquid eight pits per pint and a little time. Bring the milk, cream, water, liquor, coconut milk, whatever to a simmer along with the pits, then shut off the heat and let them steep for two hours, or overnight in the fridge a la crazy banana ice cream. Steeping overnight makes the liquid exponentially more flavorful, which isnt to say the shorter steep is in any way inferior. It depends on how intense youd like the flavor and whether or not you want the fruit pits flavor in a starring or supporting role. For cake or ice cream, any recipe with eggs or other strongly flavored ingredients, a longer steep time will give the pits flavor a chance to stand out. For simpler dessert, a panna cotta or sorbet, the shorter steep time will work just fine. Simply taste the steeping liquid. If the flavor seems weak, keep going. Whether you go for two or twenty four hours, after the steep time is up, return the liquid to a simmer and strain cold liquid will cling to the pits. Dangerous Minds Ann on this page. If youre flavoring a liquor, you can just strain without reheating. If youre making a cake, youll need to chill the liquid back down to room temp or cooler before proceeding. For custard recipes, simply proceed with the recipe as normal. Now that youve used up the pits themselves, you can get at the noyaux by roasting the pits in a 4. Whack em up with a hammer or break out your fancy nutcracker, open up the shells and pick out the kernels. Roast the kernelsnoyaux another 1. Voila. Magical recipes, thrifty baking and no reason to accuse Colonel Mustard, in the kitchen, with the peach pits.