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Citi Drivers Edge Platinum Select Card. Introducing a credit card that actually pays you to drive. The Citi Drivers Edge Platinum Select Card earns you up to 6 in rebates on purchases, plus 1 in rebates for every 1. You can use the rebates for vehicle related purchases or a wide variety of other rewards. For the first 1. 2 months, you earn 6 rebates on purchases at super markets, drugstores and gas stations. After that you get 3 rebates. For other purchases you get 1 rebates. Getting higher rebates at super markets, drug stores and gas stations is a great bonus. Other cards limit the higher rebates to just gas purchases or they offer lower rebate rates for all purchases. The unique feature of this credit card is offering additional rebates based on how many miles you drive. You just send in your vehicle maintenance receipts showing your odometer reading and the rebates get added to your account. In a year you can earn up to 5. Drive Rebates. You would have to drive 5. New Eternal Wave. Any driving you do qualifies, from long road trips to a trip to the mall. The overall annual rebate limit for this credit card is 1. Your rebates can be redeemed for any of the following bull. You are leaving a Citi Website and going to a third party site. That site may have a privacy policy different from Citi and may provide less security than this Citi site. Included with Select Citi. If you currently have a Citi card, you can view benefits for your specific card by signing on to Card Benefits. Use your rebates toward buying or leasing a car, motorcycle, SUV and more. New or used any make, any model. Texa Idc4 Car Software there. Gta Vice City Stories Pc 1 Link there. From oil changes to major repairs, use your rebates toward service on the car you already drive, when you pay for those services with your Drivers Edge Card. Besides using your Drivers Edge rebates toward your automotive needs, you can redeem them for rewards offered through Thank. You Network, a free rewards program from Citi. Citi Driver S Edge Platinum Select Card' title='Citi Driver S Edge Platinum Select Card' />Drivers Edge Rewards Program. With the Citi Platinum Select AAdvantage Visa Signature card your First Checked Bag is Free Learn. Citi credit card rewards programs and. Card Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select. Citi Drivers Edge Credit Card. Charter Members. review of Citi Drivers Edge Platinum Select Card and many. SHELL CITI CARD. I ended up applying for the Citi Forward card mentioned. The demand for Citibank Platinum Credit Card has been increasing substantially because it offers an. Citi Drivers Edge Options Platinum Select MasterCard for. Choose from a wide range of merchandise and services like gift cards from top retailers, home electronics, travel and more. The rebates have to be used within 5 years from when they are earned. Rebates also expire if you do not use the credit card for 1. The Citi Drivers Edge Platinum Select Card has a 0 apr rate on purchases and balance transfers for 1. NYC-Jan-2014-002-610x343.jpg' alt='Citi Platinum Select Log In' title='Citi Platinum Select Log In' />There is no annual fee and 0 Liability on unauthorized charges. For students there is the Citi Drivers Edge Card for College Students. This credit card is the same as the platinum select version, except the 0 introductory period is only 6 months. The rebates start at 3 on purchases at supermarkets, drugstores, and gas stations. Then 1 rebates for other purchases. It also has a higher interest rate. Both credit cards are excellent credit cards that make it very easy to earn rewards. Citi Drivers Edge Sign OnCiti Platinum Select MastercardThe rebate percentages are very competitive and the Drive Rebates make driving fun. Citi Driver S Edge Platinum Select Card' title='Citi Driver S Edge Platinum Select Card' />Citi Card Platinum SelectIn part 4 of our review, we look at the travel benefits including insurance of the Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card. Since it is Visa, the terms resemble the. Citi Drivers Edge Platinum Select Card Review. Summary We recommend the Citi Drivers Edge Options Platinum Select Card to those looking to use rewards. Card Benefits. Sign On Welcome Below are benefits available on select Citi cards. Make sure you are taking advantage of your cards travel benefits.