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Apache HBase Reference Guide. HBase provides several tools for administration, analysis, and debugging of your cluster. The entry point to most of these tools is the binhbase command, though some tools are available in the dev support directory. To see usage instructions for binhbase command, run it with no arguments, or with the h argument. These are the usage instructions for HBase 0. Some commands, such as version, pe, ltt, clean, are not available in previous versions. Cron Job Delete Files Older Than 30 Days' title='Cron Job Delete Files Older Than 30 Days' />Cron Job Delete Files Older Than 30 DaysThis guide is intended for use by professional network and system administrators during the operation of SUSE Linux Enterprise. As such, it is solely concerned with. Supported. In the context of Apache HBase, supported means that HBase is designed to work in the way described, and deviation from the defined behavior or. Usage hbase lt options lt command lt args. DIR Configuration direction to use. Default. conf. hosts HOSTS Override the list in regionservers file. Some commands take arguments. Pass no args or h for usage. Run the HBase shell. Run the hbase fsck tool. Write ahead log analyzer. Store file analyzer. Run the Zoo. Keeper shell. Upgrade hbase. master Run an HBase HMaster node. Cron Job Delete Files Older Than 30 Days' title='Cron Job Delete Files Older Than 30 Days' />Run an HBase HRegion. Server node. zookeeper Run a Zoo. Keeper server. rest Run an HBase REST server. Run the HBase Thrift server. Run the HBase Thrift. Run the HBase clean up script. Dump hbase CLASSPATH. Dump CLASSPATH entries required by mapreduce. Run Performance. Evaluation. Run Load. Test. Tool. Print the version. CLASSNAME Run the class named CLASSNAMESome of the tools and utilities below are Java classes which are passed directly to the binhbase command, as referred to in the last line of the usage instructions. Others, such as hbase shell The Apache HBase Shell, hbase upgrade Upgrading, and hbase thrift Thrift API and Filter Language, are documented elsewhere in this guide. Canary. There is a Canary class can help users to canary test the HBase cluster status, with every column family for every regions or Region. Servers granularity. To see the usage, use the help parameter. HBASEHOMEbinhbase canary help. Usage binhbase org. Canary opts table. Show this help and exit. Continuous check at defined intervals. N Interval between checks sec. Use regionregionserver as regular expression. B stop whole program if first error occurs, default is true. N timeout for a check, default is 6. Sniffing enable the write sniffing in canary. Failure. As. Error treats read write failure as error. Table The table used for write sniffing. Default is hbase canary. Dlt config. Property lt value assigning or override the configuration params. This tool will return non zero error codes to user for collaborating with other monitoring tools, such as Nagios. The error code definitions are privatestaticfinalint USAGEEXITCODE 1. INITERROREXITCODE 2. TIMEOUTERROREXITCODE 3. ERROREXITCODE 4 Here are some examples based on the following given case. There are two Table objects called test 0. Region. Servers. see following table. Region. Servertest 0. Following are some examples based on the previous given case. Canary test for every column family store of every region of every table HBASEHOMEbinhbase canary. INFO tool. Canary read from region test 0. INFO tool. Canary read from region test 0. INFO tool. Canary read from region test 0. INFO tool. Canary read from region test 0. INFO tool. Canary read from region test 0. INFO tool. Canary read from region test 0. INFO tool. Canary read from region test 0. INFO tool. Canary read from region test 0. So you can see, table test 0. Canary tool will pick 4 small piece of data from 4 2 region 2 store different stores. This is a default behavior of the this tool does. Canary test for every column family store of every region of specific tablesYou can also test one or more specific tables. HBASEHOMEbinhbase canary test 0. Canary test with Region. Server granularity. This will pick one small piece of data from each Region. Server, and can also put your Region. Server name as input options for canary test specific Region. Server. HBASEHOMEbinhbase canary regionserver. INFO tool. Canary Read from table test 0. INFO tool. Canary Read from table test 0. INFO tool. Canary Read from table test 0. Canary test with regular expression pattern. This will test both table test 0. HBASEHOMEbinhbase canary e test 01 21. Run canary test as daemon mode. Run repeatedly with interval defined in option interval whose default value is 6 seconds. This daemon will stop itself and return non zero error code if any error occurs, due to the default value of option f is true. Conversor De Word Vista A Xp here. HBASEHOMEbinhbase canary daemon. Run repeatedly with internal 5 seconds and will not stop itself even if errors occur in the test. HBASEHOMEbinhbase canary daemon interval 5. Force timeout if canary test stuck. In some cases the request is stuck and no response is sent back to the client. This can happen with dead Region. Servers which the master has not yet noticed. Because of this we provide a timeout option to kill the canary test and return a non zero error code. This run sets the timeout value to 6. HBASEHOMEbinhbase canary t 6. Enable write sniffing in canary. By default, the canary tool only check the read operations, its hard to find the problem in the. To enable the write sniffing, you can run canary with the write. Sniffing option. When the write sniffing is enabled, the canary tool will create an hbase table and make sure the. In each sniffing period, the canary will. HBASEHOMEbinhbase canary write. Sniffing. The default write table is hbase canary and can be specified by the option write. Table. HBASEHOMEbinhbase canary write. Sniffing write. Table ns canary. The default value size of each put is 1. Treat read write failure as error. By default, the canary tool only logs read failure, due to e. Retries. Exhausted. Exception. while returning normal exit code. To treat read write failure as error, you can run canary. Failure. As. Error option. When enabled, read write failure would result in error. HBASEHOMEbinhbase canary treat. Failure. As. Error. Running Canary in a Kerberos enabled Cluster. To run Canary in a Kerberos enabled cluster, configure the following two properties in hbase site. Kerberos credentials are refreshed every 3. Canary runs in daemon mode. To configure the DNS interface for the client, configure the following optional properties in hbase site. Example 5. 6. Canary in a Kerberos Enabled Cluster. This example shows each of the properties with valid values. HOSTYOUR REALM. COMlt value lt property lt property lt name hbase. Health Checker. You can configure HBase to run a script periodically and if it fails N times configurable, have the server exit. See HBASE 7. 35. Periodic health check script for configurations and detail. How To Install Themes In Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon on this page. Driver. Several frequently accessed utilities are provided as Driver classes, and executed by the binhbase command. These utilities represent Map. Reduce jobs which run on your cluster. They are run in the following way, replacing Utility. Flash Chat Server Crack Manual Meat. Name with the utility you want to run. This command assumes you have set the environment variable HBASEHOME to the directory where HBase is unpacked on your server. HBASEHOMEbinhbase org. Utility. Name. The following utilities are available Load. Incremental. HFiles. Complete a bulk data load. Copy. Table. Export a table from the local cluster to a peer cluster. Export. Write table data to HDFS. Import. Import data written by a previous Export operation. Import. Tsv. Import data in TSV format.