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DangerousMinds.jpg' alt='Dangerous Minds Ann' title='Dangerous Minds Ann' />In this drama, a school teacher discovers that it takes more than the ABCs to get through to a class of. Leopold and Loebs Criminal Minds In defense of murderers Leopold and Loeb, attorney Clarence Darrow thwarted a nations call for vengeance. Legions of athletes, sports gurus, and scientists have tried to figure out why Kenyans dominate longdistance running. In this short. Dangerous Minds AnnCriminal Minds season 7 Wikipedia. The seventh season of Criminal Minds premiered on CBS in the United States on September 2. Both A. J. Cook and Paget Brewster were rehired by CBS to reprise their roles as Jennifer Jareau and Emily Prentiss. On February 1. Deadline. Paget Brewster Emily Prentiss would leave the series, definitively, once season seven was over. All other main actors on the show have secured deals to return for the eighth season. The two hour season finale, which took place on May 1. Prentiss making the decision to leave the BAU. On March 1. CBS renewed Criminal Minds for an eighth season, which aired on September 2. Main casteditRecurring casteditGuest starseditSaw star Dina Meyer appears in the episode Unknown Subject as Regina Lampert. In the season premiere It Takes a Village, Timothy V. OU-04.jpg' alt='Dangerous Minds Ann' title='Dangerous Minds Ann' />Its amazing when you consider what we might now view as quaint, familiar photographic imagery was once a serious nono. Weve all seen photos of Betty Page bound. Pennywise, for the uninitiated, is a transdimensional force of fear and pain that enjoys haunting children, personifying generational trauma, and hanging out in the. With Rick and Morty being just days away from its third season premiere, Justin Roiland and Cartoon Network have been dropping a series of weird, unsettling shorts to. Robin Bartlett, Actress Shutter Island. Robin Bartlett was born April 22, 1951 in New York, New York. She made her film debut in Heavens Gate 1980, her. Murphy reprises as Ian Doyle, and Robin Atkin Downes guest starred as Lachlan Mc. Dermott, an international criminal who seeks vengeance against Doyle for murdering his brother Jimmy. In the episode Proof, Andy Milder guest starred as Ben Bradstone, a mentally challenged serial killer who removes his victims five senses with sulfuric acid. Johanna Braddy guest starred as Bens niece, Tammy, and Tracy Middendorf guest starred as Tammys mother, Lyla, who Ben had a secret obsession over. In the episode Dorado Falls, Max Martini guest starred as Luke Dolan, a former U. S. Navy Seal suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder who goes on a murderous rampage. Sarah Aldrich guest starred as Lukes wife, Jenna. Judith Hoag appears in the episode Unknown Subject as Diana Mitchell. In the episode Painless, Eric Jungmann guest starred as Robert Adams, a survivor of a high school shooting who copied the murders committed by Randy Slade. Julia Campbell guest starred as Randys mother, Martha Slade, and Aaron Hill guest starred as Jerry Holtz, another survivor of the shooting who is murdered by Robert. In the episode From Childhoods Hour, Isabella Hofmann guest starred as Carolyn Baker, David Rossis first wife who dies of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Heather Tom guest starred as Connie Barton, a mother who is abducted by George Kelling. In the episode Theres No Place Like Home, Alex Weed guest starred as Travis James, a serial killer who abducted male prostitutes. Finn Wittrock appears in the episode True Genius as Harvey Morell. In the episode Hope, Brigid Brannagh guest starred as Monica Kingston, a mother whose daughter was abducted and murdered by Bill Rogers, played by Jack Coleman. In the episode Self Fulfilling Prophecy, Ren Auberjonois guest starred as Colonel Ronald Massey, the leader of the Somerville Military Academy and criminal accomplice of Josh Redding. In the episode The Bittersweet Science, Shawn Hatosy guest starred as Jimmy Hall, a professional boxer and spree killer whose son dies of leukemia. Charles S. Dutton guest starred as Tony Cole, Jimmys boxing trainer. Danny Goldman guest starred as Detective Bob Zablonsky, who leads the investigation of the murders. In the episode Unknown Subject, Jay Karnes guest starred as Hamilton Bartholomew, aka The Piano Man, a serial rapist who is assaulting the victims he previously raped. In the episode Snake Eyes, Dean Cain guest starred as Curtis Banks, a serial killer with a gambling problem. Vanessa Branch guest starred as Curtis wife, Teri. In the episode Closing Time, Geoffrey Blake guest starred as Michael Janeczco, a serial killer who targeted men who have been divorced, which reflected Michaels own background. Tyler Neitzel guest starred as Michaels stepson, Hunter Wright. In the episode A Thin Line, Paul Johansson guest starred as Clark Preston, a mayoral candidate and criminal accomplice of hate crime serial killer Trevor Mills. In the episode A Family Affair, Kathy Baker and William Russ guest starred as Donald and Linda Collins, the parents of paraplegic serial killer Jeffrey Collins. In the episode I Love You, Tommy Brown, Teri Polo guest starred as Margaret Hollman, a mentally unstable high school teacher who fell in love with one of her students, Thomas Brown, with whom she had a son. In the episode Foundation, Hedy Burress guest starred as Samantha Allen, the daughter of pedophilic abductor J. B. Allen. In the episode Heathridge Manor, Juliet Landau guest starred as Catherine Heathridge, a textile heiress who suffered a psychotic reaction to a Shakespeare play that convinced her that the lead actresses were The Devils Wives, prompting her to murder them. Kyle Gallner and Madeleine Martin guest starred as Catherines children, James and Lara, who followed in her footsteps. Tricia Helfer appears in the two part season finale as Izzy Rogers. In the episode The Company, Shanola Hampton guest starred as Cindi Burns, Derek Morgans cousin who suffered from stockholm syndrome after marrying and giving birth to the son of her abductor, Malcolm Ford. In the episode Divining Rod, Mackenzie Astin guest starred as Dylan Kohler, the copycat killer of serial killer Rodney Baines Garrett. In the two part season finale Hit Run, Josh Randall guest starred as Matthew Downs, a member of the Face Cards and Izzy Rogers lover, and Evan Jones guest starred as Chris Stratton, another member of the Face Cards. Sebastian Roch reprises as Clyde Easter, Emily Prentiss former partner at Interpol who offers her a job as Chief of the Interpol office in London, which she accepts, causing her departure from the BAU. EpisodeseditRatingseditEpisode. U. S. ratings. Original airdate. ViewersmillionsRank. Night. WeekIt Takes a VillageSeptember 2. ProofSeptember 2. Dorado FallsOctober 5, 2. PainlessOctober 1. Childhoods HourOctober 1. EpilogueNovember 2, 2. Theres No Place Like HomeNovember 9, 2. HopeNovember 1. 6, 2. Self Fulfilling ProphecyDecember 7, 2. The Bittersweet ScienceDecember 1. True GeniusJanuary 1. Unknown SubjectJanuary 2. Snake EyesFebruary 8, 2. Closing TimeFebruary 1. A Thin LineFebruary 2. A Family AffairFebruary 2. I Love You, Tommy BrownMarch 1. FoundationMarch 2. Heathridge ManorApril 4, 2. The CompanyApril 1. Divining RodMay 2, 2. Profiling 1. 01May 9, 2. Hit Part IMay 1. Run Part IIMay 1. Home mediaeditThe Complete Seventh Season. Set details. Special features. Region 15 disc set Region 2 4Aspect Ratio 1. Subtitles English. English Dolby Digital 5. Minds Eye. Gag Reel. Deleted Scenes. DVD release date. Region 1. Region 2. Region 4. September 4, 2. November 2. 6, 2. November 7, 2. 01. ReferenceseditCBS Announces Fall 2. Premiere DatesJJ Is Back AJ Cook Inks 2 Year Deal To Return To Criminal MindsIts Official Criminal Minds Welcomes Back Paget Brewster, Bids Farewell to Rachel NicholsAndreeva, Nellie February 1. Paget Brewster To Leave Criminal Minds. Deadline. com. Retrieved February 1. Gorman, Bill March 1. CBS Renews 1. 8 Shows The Good Wife, Blue Bloods, 2 Broke Girls, The Mentalist, Mike Molly Many More. TV by the Numbers. Retrieved May 1. 7, 2. Gorman, Bill September 2. TV Ratings Broadcast Top 2. Windows Vista Boot Up Slow. Two And A Half Men Tops Sunday Night Football For Week Ending September 2. TV by the Numbers. Retrieved September 2. Seidman, Robert October 4, 2. TV Ratings Broadcast Top 2. Two And A Half Men Falls Just Short of Sunday Night Football with Adults 1. But Tops Everything in Viewing. TV by the Numbers. Retrieved October 4, 2. Gorman, Bill October 1. Top 1. 0 Most Dangerous Cruise Destinations in the World Cruise Law News. The last thing that a family going on vacation wants to think of is being victims of crime. Cruise lines spend literally hundreds of millions of dollars a year creating idyllic illusions of tropical vacations on beautiful Caribbean beaches. But behind that slick marketing facade lies danger. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime recently released a Global Study on Homicide 2. The Huffington Post posted an article based on the study entitled the 1. Countries With The Worlds Highest Murder Rates. The most dangerous countries mentioned in the study read like a cruise line itinerary Honduras No. Venezuela No. 2, Belize No. El Salvador No. 4, Guatemala No. Jamaica no. 6,  St. Kitts Nevis no. Colombia no. The UN executive summary says that Caribbean countries are home to to 8. I made my own list of the most dangerous countries you can cruise to. No, its not scientific in nature based on empirical evidence. Its anecdotal in nature based on information we receive from cruise passengers who contact us and complain about being a victim of crime in a port of call. Caribbean countries. A few people complained of being pick pocketed in Italy. But we have received no reports of guns or knives from people visiting European or African ports ever. Of course, ports in Australia and New Zealand are fabulously safe. We have also never received a complaint about crime in the Asian ports. We know what people will think when they read the list. Crime occurs everywhere. Just use common sense. Stay with the cruise line excursions ashore. I say nonsense to that. The fact is that crime occurs in certain places far more than others. No one has ever contacted us about crime during a Seattle Vancouver Alaska cruise. Common sense is no help when a port advertised as a peaceful getaway has a murder rate 2. Some of the Caribbean countries have high homicide rates, one as high as around 9. U. S. is a little over 4 homicides per 1. The tourism officials in the islands Worthless. Theyd just as soon sell you a straw hat as a wooden box to transport your body back home. And dont think that being on an official cruise tour is safer than exploring on your own. A busload of U. S. Fort Knox to a gang of armed banditos in an impoverished country, as you can read below. Many people living in these Caribbean countries will be insulted and say how can you point the finger at us when you have cities like Detroit or Newark But who on earth would ever vacation in one of these U. S. cities Everyone knows Newark is dangerous. But few people who just bought a cruise realize that Nassau is also dangerous. The other problem facing cruise tourists in the Caribbean is that once you are victimized, the crooks are rarely apprehended. There is little justice. Of the last 5. 0 U. S. citizens killed in Honduras, for example, the local police have solved just 2 cases. Heres my list 1. St. Lucia This island is a good case study on what can go wrong during a cruise excursion. There were no warnings by the cruise lines or the local tourism officials, even though there had been prior crimes against tourists. The St. Lucia tourism officials lied to the victimized passengers, telling them that nothing like this had ever happened before. Celebrity Cruise Passengers 2 Crew Members Robbed at Gun Point in St. Lucia. 1. 4 Cruise Passengers Robbed at Anse La Raye Waterfall in St. Lucia. Norwegian Cruise Line Drops St. Lucia. U. K. Couple Attacked on Yacht in St. Lucia, Husband Killed. Liar, Liar Pants On Fire St. Lucia Tourism Board Denies Prior Armed Robbery of Cruise Passengers. El Salvador El Salvador is one of a few countries which is subject to a critical crime warning from the U. S. State Department. It has one of the highest per capita murder rates in the world. In 2. 01. 2, it suffered from a murder rate of 6. By comparison, the murder rate in Massachusetts, with a similar geographical area and population, was 2. Murders and crimes against U. S. citizens are rarely solved. United States Virgin Islands USVI  The cruise industry already abandoned one of the major islands in USVI, St. Croix, after tourists were murdered over a decade ago. Cruise ships are still sailing to the other major island, St. Thomas, after a 1. St. Thomas was murdered. How To Install Crack Adobe Photoshop Cc 2015'>How To Install Crack Adobe Photoshop Cc 2015. There are way too many guns, drugs, robberies, and murders to pretend the USVI are a place for a family to vacation. The leading maritime case involving a cruise lines duty to warn passengers of dangers ashore involves St. Thomas. Carnival Passenger Killed In St. Thomas. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals Cruise Lines Have Duty to Warn of Danger of Crime in Ports of Call. Antigua Like other beautiful but impoverished islands in the Caribbean, Antigua seems like paradise but it has seen more than its share of tragedies. The murder of a young woman during a cruise for her sisters wedding led to the cruise company dropping the island as a port of call, but it quickly returned. Travel writers and cruise bloggers tend to hide the ugly side of ports of call in exchange for free perks. Passenger From Star Clippers Murdered in Antigua. Cruise Passengers Attacked Robbed in Antigua While Cruise and Tourism Officials Meet. Travel Writers and the Ethics of Reporting Cruise News. Murder in Antigua Store Employee Shot in Cruise Tourism Zone Heritage Quay. St. Kitts Nevis  Another pretty but poor island where cruise passengers have been robbed in bulk. The disparity in wealth between the locals and the affluent cruise passengers often leads to armed robberies. Cruise Passengers Robbed in St. Kitts. Visitors Warned About Safety in St. Kitts After Tourist Robbery. Royal Caribbean Passenger Alleges Sexual Assault During Sailing Excursion in St. Kitts Nevis. Mexico This country has suffered some of the worst crime stories over the years. Drugs and be headings are usually not in the tourists areas, but the tourist spots suffer from the nations poor image. Places like Acapulco are literally defended by army soldiers. Armed Banditos Rob 2. Carnival Passengers on Excursion in Mexico. Gun Fight in Cabo San Lucas Is It Safe to Cruise to Mexico Royal Caribbean Passenger Alleges Gang Rape in Cozumel. Royal Caribbean Crew Member Murdered in Mexico. Mexican Violence Does Anyone Cruise to Acapulco Anymore Mexico Vacation Awareness. Guatemala  Guatemala is not a place where you should think of renting a car and driving in remote areas, as ambushes of tourists and armed robberies are not uncommon. Many people consider El Salvador equally dangerous to cruise tourists. Norwegian Cruise Line Passenger Murdered in Guatemala. Venezuela  Venezuela has one of the highest murder rates. Crime has increased substantially over the last few years. Cruise Passenger Murdered in Venezuelas Margarita Island. Honduras Roatan Honduras has been in the news lately following the murder of a NCL crew member who was gunned down in a gruesome crime for his cell phone. The expatriate land and business owners are campaigning that crime is rare, but they are suffering violence and many break ins and burglaries of their homes and businesses. We have chronicled several armed robberies of cruise passengers and the sexual assault of a U. S. tourist this year. Like many other Caribbean islands, the police are either indifferent or corrupt. The legal system is somewhere between barbaric and non existent. NCL Crew Member Shot Killed in Roatan, Honduras.