Extech Cmm 17 Manual

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EXTECH INSTRUMENTS RC2. USER MANUAL Pdf Download. Users Guide RC SMD Tweezers Multimeter Model RC2. Introduction Congratulations on your purchase of the Extech RC2. RC Tweezers Multimeter This meter, using the tweezers adaptor, measures SMD capacitors, resistors, diodes and continuity test. Extech Cmm 17 Manual' title='Extech Cmm 17 Manual' />Extech Cmm 17 ManualWith the test lead adaptor, it measures ACDC Voltage. Proper use and care of this meter will provide many years of reliable service. All Radio 3 16 2010 Pcp more. Farads capacitance mega 1. Ohms Volts AC voltage DC voltage AUTO Auto Range SCAN SCAN mode APO Auto power off enabled RC2. EU EN V1. 5 41. Press the MODE button for capacitance measurements. The F icon will appear on the display. It can take several minutes for the reading to stabilize at the final value for large value capacitors. Press the MODE button again to return to the SCAN mode. RC2. 00 EU EN V1. Disposal Follow the valid legal stipulations in respect of the disposal of the device at the end of its lifecycle NOTE If your meter does not work properly, check the batteries to make sure that they are still good and that they are properly inserted. Extech-EX210.jpg' alt='Extech Cmm 17 Manual' title='Extech Cmm 17 Manual' />RC2. EU EN V1. EN6. 10. IEC6. Edition 2. 00. Overvoltage Category III 6. V Pollution Degree 2. Content/ProductImages/57216/extech-prc30-multifunction-process-calibrator-1610118.jpg' alt='Extech Cmm 17 Manual' title='Extech Cmm 17 Manual' />Copyright 2. Extech Instruments Corporation a FLIR company All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form. Photonics Laser Engineering Buyers Guide available. Acrylic and Glass Awards lasered engraved. Fullcolor sublimation plaques and logos. Small, high quality company. View and Download Extech Instruments RC200 user manual online. Extech Instruments RC SMD Tweezers Multimeter. RC200 Multimeter pdf manual download.