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We put a lot of love and effort into our project. Your contribution supports us in maintaining and developing our services. A SUD, Italy Authors Lucie Greyl, Sara Vegni, Maddalena Natalicchio and Jessica Ferretti. Download case study as pdffile. ABSTRACT 2. Why Friedrich Nietzsche Is the Darling of the Far Left and the Far Right Tablet Magazine. Nietzsche is back. Not that he was ever really gone, but with the rise of Trumpism and the reinvigorated resurgence of white supremacy under the banner of the alt right, whose leader takes intellectual inspiration from Nietzsche, the need to engage with his ideas has become urgent again. Ever since his gradual rise to fame in the final years of his life, years that he spent in an almost complete vegetative state under the care of his mother and sister following his mental collapse in 1. Kiwibank App. Nietzsches domineering influence has been felt at almost every level of Western culture in the 2. Thus, he has inspired art and artists, from Thomas Mann and Robert Musil to Rilke and Hermann Hesse, from Strauss Thus Spoke Zarathustra and Mahlers Third Symphony to contemporary Hungarian director Bla Tarrs The Turin Horse he has influenced philosophy, from Martin Heidegger and the early thinkers of the Frankfurt School Adorno and Horkheimer and existentialism, to the radical French postmodern philosophers of the second half of the 2. Foucault, Deleuze, Derrida and, though to a considerably lesser degree, after being rehabilitated by Princeton Universitys Walter Kaufmann in the 1. Astro Saber Programming there. Nietzsche has also gained some repute in American philosophical academia. Ufology is the study of reports, visual records, physical evidence, and other phenomena related to unidentified flying objects. UFOs have been subject to various. Quantum Logic in Historical and Philosophical Perspective. Quantum Logic QL was developed as an attempt to construct a propositional structure that would allow for. But besides his extensive and deep impact on higher culture, Nietzsche also served as a source of powerful inspiration for a variety of political movements, and it is with respect to this influence that the mentioning of his name tends to send mental alarm bells nervously jingling. Thus, not only did Nietzsche influence Italian fascism through the transformative effect he had on Mussolini, he also, to a large extent through the nefarious machinations of his sister, who was determined to ingratiate herself with Hitler and distort and thus harness her brothers philosophy to the partys cause, became a favorite amongst the Nazis and consequently a common name amongst white supremacists. Nietzsche thus acquired, unsurprisingly, notoriety and a highly problematic and ambiguous presence in political discourse and theory. It is precisely this stain on Nietzsches legacy that philosopher and scholar Walter Kaufmann sought to remove, by arguing, in his now classic Nietzsche Philosopher, Psychologist, Anti Christ from 1. Nietzsches philosophy was antithetical to everything commonly associated with fascist or Nazi ideology. Historical Plausibility Project ModHe thus carefully combed Nietzsches published writings and notes and, on the one hand, amassed textual evidence that shows Nietzsches objections to and even revulsion at nationalism and anti Semitism of any kind, and, on the other hand, placed quotations that from a later point of view smack of racist ideology back in their original context, thus showing their true meaning and exorcising their repugnant nature. To a great extent, Kaufmanns defense of Nietzsche was a success He managed, as pointed out, to clean Nietzsches reputation so as to make the study of his ideas philosophically respectable again and, not less important and related, provided a plethora of textual counterweight to the notion that Nietzsche could have been an ideological friend of National Socialism. Thus, as against potential allegations of German nationalism and racism, Kaufmann quotes Nietzsche claiming that he is not German enough, in the sense in which the word German is constantly being used nowadays, to advocate nationalism and race hatred. For that, Nietzsche adds in that same section, he is too open minded and too well informed. While undoubtedly a laudable effort, Kaufmanns Nietzsche struck many as a defanged version of the original, and, crucially, appeared to come at the price of that very intellectual honesty Nietzsche himself so highly valued in that it strove to explain away, sometimes by defying plausibility, the most palpably obnoxious statements in Nietzsches corpus, of which there is no scarcity. To take just one example After comparing in his Twilight of the Idols 1. Christian method that employs morality to tame the animal in man, and the model found in the Book of Manu, which attempts to breed a particular race or type by anything but harmless meansNietzsche moves to identify the latter with Aryan humanity and unfavorably contrasts it with Christian morality, which is the anti Aryan religion par excellence. Free Windows Movie Maker Old Versions more. And while it is true, as Kaufmann points out, that Nietzsche was not unequivocally in favor of the Aryan or the priestly nature of the Book of Manu, and while in Nietzsches times the Aryan was not specifically identified with the people of Germany but also with Indo Iranian peoples which explains the association in Nietzsches mind between Manu, the Hindu lawgiver, and the Aryan, Nietzsche nevertheless sides with the moreĀ  violent method of breeding, as when he expresses in Ecce Homo his tremendous hope that there will arise a new faction in favour of life that takes on the greatest task of all, that of breeding humanity to higher levels which includes the ruthless extermination of everything degenerate and parasitical. It is perhaps not accidental that in his translation of this work, the German word for higher breeding, Hherzchtung, is absent and instead, Kaufmann gives us the phrase to raise humanity higher. Similarly, the German word for extermination or annihilation, Vernichtung, is replaced with the more palatable destruction. Perhaps more important still, the anodyne version of Nietzsche that Kaufmann produced exhibited a failure to take sufficiently seriously the incontrovertible fact that Nietzsche was found extremely appealing to totalitarian, fascist and racist sentiments. But besides his ambiguous references to the Aryan, his claims about race, and his sometimes derogatory claims about the Jews, to which I return below, I want to suggest that there is also a different, deeper element of Nietzsches philosophy that is most appealing to people of a racist or a fascist bent of thinkingan idea, an intimation of which could be felt, I believe, in the quotation just given the idea, namely, that human beings are not morally equal. Nietzsches attack on the idea of equality and its political manifestations in democratic ideology was relentless. Throughout his corpus, Nietzsche can be found attacking, again and again, the notion of human dignity, the idea that all human beings enjoy equal rights a symptom of a disease, and the basic idea and value of the moral equality of all. He took the latter to be a vestige of the Christian idea of the equality of all souls before God and held that every fight for equality is symptomatic of weakness, degeneracy, and a hateful thirst for revenge upon the ruling elites, motivated by what he called ressentiment. To quote one striking instance in Twilight of the Idols apropos the political achievements of the French Revolution, Nietzsche exclaims What I hate in the Revolution is the so called truths that give the Revolution its lasting effectiveness, attracting everything flat and mediocre. The doctrine of equality But no poison is more poisonous than this because it seems as if justice itself is preaching here, while in fact it is the end of justice. Hearts Of Iron 3 Historical Plausibility Project' title='Hearts Of Iron 3 Historical Plausibility Project' />The close connection between the rejection of human equality and the ideals of democracy on the one hand and racist and fascist ideologies on the other should be apparent. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. Sun Tzu on the Art of War. The Oldest Military Treatise in the World. Translated from the Chinese with Introduction and Critical Notes. Lionel Giles, M. A. Contrails are NOT Chemtrails as mentioned by name in the 2001 Space Preservation Act aka H. R. 2977. CHEMTRAILS are the name given to chemical trails laden with. A basic but often overlooked feature of interplanetary combat is the fact that it is in three dimensions, not two. Think airplane dogfighting, not wetnavy. Jerome Bruner and the process of education. Jerome Bruner has made a profound contribution to our appreciation of the process of education and to the development of.