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Ways to Speed up Your Mac. Purchase more memory. Depending on your computer model, you may be able to add more RAM Random Access Memory. RAM allows programs to store information into quickly accessible memory, which increases the speed at which programs can operate. Determine what RAM will work in your Mac. Spyware Removal We offer free anti spyware remover software that protects your computer from adware and spyware. Learn how to configure a kiosk device running Windows 10 so that users can only run a few specific apps. How to Speed up Your Mac. Is your Mac running slower than usual Prolonged use can lead to extra files and settings bloat that will slow down the performance of the. How to use Folder Guard software to protect folders with password, to lock files and folders with passwords, to set up password protection of Windows folders. Folder Lock can lock access to files for quick, easy protection, and also keep them in encrypted lockers for serious protection. It combines a wide range. Different systems will require different types of RAM. Mac. Books will use different RAM than desktop Macs, and different models will use different speeds. Be sure to research what type of memory to purchase for your model, as well as if you can actually add more. To find out how much memory you have installed, as well as the speed of the memory, click the Apple menu and select About This Mac. This will open a window showing your installed version of OS X, your processor, and your memory. This screen does not tell you how much memory your system will support. Typically you can install up to 4. GB, though there are some models of Mac. Books that only support up to 2. GB. Be sure to double check your documentation to see how much memory you can use. If you have 2. GB installed, and you want to install another 2. GB, it may not be as simple as buying one stick of 2. GB memory and inserting it. Chances are that you have two slots for RAM, and that each of these currently has a 1. GB stick installed. In order to upgrade to 4. Lock Computer But Keep Programs Running' title='Lock Computer But Keep Programs Running' />Lock Computer But Keep Programs RunningGB, you would need to purchase 2 2. GB sticks. 3. Open the computer. Slow computer speed up techniques Best tips and advice on how to fix a slow pc by disabling unnecessary Windows services. Elemental War Of Magic Update'>Elemental War Of Magic Update. Resistance is futile. PC. When too many people access your computer, its best to restrict the Windows Installer. Sql Update Query From Another Database. We. 661 Embroidery designs builtin including 336 Baby Lock exclusives 37 Nancy Zieman designs 15 Buttonhole embroidery designs in 3 sizes 45 total. Password-Protect-Folder-In-Windows-8-Step7_thumb.jpg' alt='Lock Computer But Keep Programs Running' title='Lock Computer But Keep Programs Running' />Lock Computer But Keep Programs RunningIf you are installing Mac. Book memory, you will need to remove the back casing from the laptop. Be sure to note which screws belong to which holes, because some of the screws may be different sizes. If you are upgrading a desktop computer, you will need to remove the case so you can access the components. When working with components inside the computer, be sure to discharge any static electricity by touching the bare metal of the laptop casing. Eject the old RAM. If you are uninstalling Mac. Book RAM, the RAM slots will have metal ejection levers on the side. Press these in to pop the existing RAM up at an angle. Pull the RAM straight out by gripping the notches on the side and pulling firmly. If you are removing desktop RAM, the slots are vertical, and the latches are plastic and located on each end. Install the new RAM. If you are installing Mac. Book RAM, insert it in at the same angle that it ejected. Install memory into the lower slot first, then the upper slot. Push firmly with even pressure directly into the slot until the stick clicks into place. If you are installing RAM for a desktop, insert it straight into the slot and push evenly until the stick clicks into place. Reboot your computer. Secure-My-Screen.jpg' alt='Lock Computer But Keep Programs Running' title='Lock Computer But Keep Programs Running' />You can verify that the RAM was installed correctly by clicking the Apple menu and selecting About This Mac. Verify that the correct RAM total is displayed. If it is not, you may have incorrectly installed the RAM, or installed the wrong type.