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Sealing Ducts Whats Better, Tape or Mastic Most residential duct systems have numerous leaks that waste energy and lead to room to room pressure imbalances. Unfortunately, though, few building inspectors outside of California bother to enforce existing code requirements that residential duct seams be sealed with mastic or high quality duct tape. Most model codes, including the International Residential Code IRC, include duct tightness provisions The 2. IRC section N1. 10. Ducts, air handlers, filter boxes and building cavities used as ducts shall be sealed, while IRC section M1. Joints of duct systems shall be made substantially airtight by means of tapes, mastics, gasketing or other approved closure systems. Hardware store duct tape is not an approved tape. Section 4. 03. 2. International Energy Conservation Code IECC International Energy Conservation Code. All ducts, air handlers, filter boxes, and building cavities used as ducts shall be sealed. To learn how to test residential duct systems for leaks, see Duct Leakage Testing. All about mastic. Most energy conscious builders seal duct joints with mastic. Mastic is a gooey, non hardening material with a consistency between mayonnaise and smooth peanut butter. Duct joints should always be secured with 8 sheet metal screws before seams are sealed with mastic. Sealing duct seams is messy work, so wear old clothes. The mastic is spread over duct seams with a disposable paintbrush, putty knife, or your fingers. If you spread mastic with your fingers, wear rubber gloves. Gaps in ductwork or plenums that are over 11. If youre using mastic to seal seams in fiberglass board ductwork, use fiberglass mesh tape for all joints. Sources of mastic. Manufacturers of mastic include Hardcast Versi Grip 1. Mc. Gill Air. Seal Uni Mastic 1. Polymer Adhesives Air. Seal 2. 2, RCD Corporation 6 Mastic, and ITWTACC Glenkote mastic. Among the distributors of Air. Seal 2. 2 mastic is AM Conservation Group. A comprehensive glossary of terms for use in the rigid packaging industry. Pipeline Packaging. HTB1re3rKFXXXXXFaXXXq6xXFXXXh/Aluminum-tube-sealing-machine-teeth-paste-tube-sealer-aluminum-stamping-sealer-with-expiration-codes-manual-sealer.jpg' alt='Manual Heat Sealing Iron' title='Manual Heat Sealing Iron' />Manual Heat Sealing IronAll about duct tape. Since common hardware store duct tape technically known as cloth backed rubber adhesive duct tape fails quickly when used on ducts, most energy conscious builders seal duct joints with mastic. Although mastic works well on galvanized steel ductwork, it has its disadvantages it is messy to apply and awkward to use on clamped flex duct joints. According to section 5. International Energy Conservation Code IECC, any tape used on duct board or flex duct must be labeled in accordance with UL 1. A or 1. 81. B. In most regions of the U. S., however, local inspectors have little or no interest in the leakiness of residential ducts, and duct tape labels are rarely checked for UL compliance. Ive been to wholesale distributors in Ohio, and I dont see them displaying anything with UL markings, says Mark Pulawski, former cloth tape market manager for Intertape Polymer Group, a duct tape manufacturer in West Bradenton, Florida. When I ask them, Where are your UL products they say, We dont sell any of those. They hold up a roll of cloth duct tape, and they say, This is what the guys use. Does UL 1. In some areas, however, building inspectors insist that duct tapes sport a UL 1. Yet the UL 1. 81. B standard alone is no guarantee of long term tape performance. Manual Heat Sealing Iron' title='Manual Heat Sealing Iron' />Manual Heat Sealing IronThe UL 1. Bob Davis, an energy consultant for Ecotope in Seattle. The testing doesnt have much to do with whether it will work as a duct sealant. At least four different types of tape have met the UL 1. B standard, including some cloth backed rubber adhesive duct tapes, foil backed tapes with acrylic adhesive, oriented polypropylene OPP tapes, and foil backed butyl tapes. Unfortunately, according to tests performed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory by Max Sherman and Iain Walker, a UL 1. In California, the duct tape industry wanted the code to approve the use of UL 1. Walker. But in our lab tests we have found that the UL 1. View and Download Philips GC8600 series manual online. PerfectCare Aqua. GC8600 series Iron pdf manual download. Search for Dow products, careers, events and more. Sealing duct seams is messy work, so wear old clothes. The mastic is spread over duct seams with a disposable paintbrush, putty knife, or your fingers. Dangerous Beauty 1998 there. Introduction Purpose of manual This manual has been prepared to assist users of Vickers Series TE, TF and TL cylinders for properly maintaining and repairing their. Just because it is UL 1. UL 1. 81 listed products. The listed tapes may be of a higher quality the mechanical properties of the tape are better but they are not any better in terms of longevity at high temperature. Under those conditions the UL 1. UL 1. 81 tapes. More important than a tapes UL 1. At least two new types of duct tape butyl duct tape and oriented polypropylene or OPP duct tape may offer better performance than cloth duct tape, without the messiness of mastic. Oriented polypropylene tape. For sealing the inner core of flex duct to metal collars, as well as to repair the outer jacket of flex duct, many contractors have begun using oriented polypropylene OPP tape. OPP tape is a film backed as opposed to cloth backed tape resembling packing tape. Housewrap tape is a type of OPP tape. The tape has a smooth backing and an acrylic adhesive, said to be more tenacious than rubber adhesive. The backing can be manufactured in a variety of colors, including a shiny metallized plastic finish. Yokogawa 2531 Manual. Description To seal plugs of plastic containers, bottles, jars, jerry cans. Heat sealing of plastic plug done in simplest way on this machine. Home Services. OnLine Leak Sealing Repair. OnLine Leak Sealing Repair Industrial Leak Sealing Taking the Pressure off You View More. More than 12,000 ASTM standards are used worldwide to improve product quality, enhance safety and facilitate trade. You can purchase individual standards a volume. AC An abbreviation for air conditioner or air conditioning. AC Condenser The outside fan unit of the Air Conditioning system. It removes the heat from the freon. Round Wire Impulse Hand Sealer. Recommended for cutting and sealing shrink film, bags and tubing. Please enter coupon code durapak to get 5 discount for over. In new construction in California, were seeing more and more contractors using OPP tape and a clamp to seal the core of the flex duct to a metal collar, says Walker. At least three manufacturers make UL 1. HTB14SmALpXXXXX.XXXXq6xXFXXXi/manual-heat-press-machine-for-sale-head-heat-press-machine-t-shirts.jpg' alt='Manual Heat Sealing Iron' title='Manual Heat Sealing Iron' />B FX listed polypropylene duct tape Intertape Polymer Group manufacturer of AC6. Shurtape Technologies manufacturer of DC 1. Berry Plastics manufacturer of Flex. Fix tape. Manufacturers of OPP tape take pains to distinguish their product from the gray stuff. Although their DC 1. Mark Hooks, a product manager at Shurtape Technologies, insists that its not a duct tape. As long as joints sealed with OPP tape are clamped, it will probably perform better than cloth duct tape. Butyl duct tape. Foil backed butyl tape performs much better than cloth duct tape, although it isnt cheap. Hardcast, the manufacturer of Versi Grip 1. Foil Grip 1. 40. UL 1. B listing. Foil Grip 1. Hardcast recommends Foil Grip butyl tape for use with galvanized steel duct, duct board, or flex duct. The manufacturer claims that Foil Grip 1. Berry Plastics sells a butyl adhesive duct tape under two different brands Nashua and Polyken. Nashua 5. 58. CA is basically the same product as Polyken 5. CA. The tape consists of a butyl adhesive on a polyethylene coated cloth backing it has a UL 1. BFX listing for use with flex duct. Like OPP tape manufacturers, butyl tape manufacturers want to differentiate their product from duct tape. We dont like to use the word tape, says David Barnes, a technical service representative at Hardcast. Were trying to overcome all of the perceptions associated with duct tape. Butyl tapes have fared well in the Lawrence Berkeley tests. The butyl tapes come with a metal foil backing as opposed to the cloth backing, says Walker. The cloth backed tapes are the ones we see shrinking and failing. The butyl tapes have much more adhesive on them, so they will take longer to dry out and will stay flexible longer. In our testing weve done several different orientations over the years, and we havent found any failures in the butyl tape. Choosing between tape and mastic. Since all duct sealing products, including mastic and all types of duct tape, have disadvantages, deciding on the best duct sealing strategy is tricky. Chuck Murray, an Energy Specialist with the Washington State University Energy Program, sees no reason to abandon mastic. I havent seen a tape yet that I like for use in a crawl space, says Murray.