Mercury 225 Efi Service Manual

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MERCURYMARINEROUTBOARDS135150175200225HP.jpg' alt='Mercury 225 Efi Service Manual' title='Mercury 225 Efi Service Manual' />M8 Drive Mercury Racing. Max. Power Cap. 1. Input torque rating of 1. Lower Unit DesignDry Sump Drive Transmission. Available Gear Ratios1. W-Mercury-4-stroke-Verado-inline-6.jpg' alt='Mercury 225 Efi Service Manual' title='Mercury 225 Efi Service Manual' />Proshaft RotationLeft Hand Right Hand Rotation. Drive Weight lbs. Dry sumped for maximum power output. Delivers 3. 5 more power capacity than the legendary Six drive. Surface piercing gearcase, packed with heavy duty components, is designed specifically to handle the higher torque of our QC4v engine platform. Five 6 blade CNC sterndrive propellers are designed with stamina to allow the engine to endure in both treacherous and ideal offshore conditions. Arabic To Tamil Translation Software Free Download. Two inches shorter resulting in an overall lower center of gravity for improved handling and overall boat performance. Mercury 225 Efi Service Manual' title='Mercury 225 Efi Service Manual' />2000 Mercury 225 Efi Service ManualMercury 225 Efi Service ManualOriginal. Designed from the ground up by Mercury Racing engineers, the M8 sterndrive was developed specifically to handle the high torque loads and power levels of. View and Download Mercury Optimax user manual online. Gasoline Motor Optimax. Optimax Outboard Motor pdf manual download. This manual enables you to properly service, repair stalling issues on your Mercury engine, as well as fix or overhaul your entire engine to factory specifications. Dry sump hydraulic transmission to handle the QC4vs massive torque. While the lower drive cavity is bathed in oil, a unique propshaft driven oil pump sprays the upper drive gears. This reduces internal friction, increasing performance. WARRANTY FAQSDoes my Mercury Racing sterndrive product have a California Emissions Warranty California does not require engines that produce over 5. Top of Page. PRODUCT MODIFICATION FAQSHow can I get more speed and horsepower out of my engine Boat speed and performance depend on many things like boat hull type and condition, propeller type and condition, and the condition of the engine. You should check these basic items before thinking about modifications to get more horsepower or speed. Mercury Racing engines are built to give the best performance and reliability. Engine modifications can have serious effects on the life of the engine package and may put your warranty coverage at risk. We cannot help you modify your engine. Top of Page. Can I install a superchargerturbochargernitrous oxide on my engine Mercury Racing has not tested and cannot approve the use of aftermarket products like these. Improper installation andor application of these type products can cause severe engine damage. Engine modifications can have serious effects on the life of the engine package and may put your warranty coverage at risk. Damage caused by product modifications is not covered by the limited factory warranty. Uv Spectra Prediction Software. We invest a tremendous amount of time and money in developing Mercury Racing Engines. We are not able to offer technical assistance for modifications to our engines. Top of Page. Can I install aftermarket accessories like stabilizer finsWhile these add on devices may reduce the time it takes to get the boat on plane, they may also cause or contribute to abnormal or even unsafe handling of the boat and failure of the anti ventilation plate. Because it is not possible to know how a particular boat will respond to the use of an aftermarket stabilizer fin without thorough testing, Mercury Racing cannot recommend that such products be used or not be used. Failures caused or contributed to by modifications are not covered by the limited warranty. Top of Page. Will modification of my engine or sterndrive void the warranty The warranty does not apply to damage or failures caused by use of an accessory or part not manufactured or sold by us. See the appropriate Mercury Racing warranty policy for your product or in your owners manual. Top of Page. SMARTCRAFT FAQSI would like to add Smart. Craft instrumentation to my boat. Is my Mercury Racing engine compatible Can I install this myselfAll current Mercury Racing models are compatible with Smart. Craft instrumentation systems. Mercury Marine recommends installation of Smart. Craft systems be performed by your Mercury Marine dealer. Top of Page. What are the features of Smart. Craft Depending on the gauge system you choose System Monitor, System Tachometer Speedometer, System View, or System View Race Edition, you can access Basic Engine Parameters Oil Pressure, Coolant Temperature, Voltage, Total Run Time, Sea Water PressureBoat speed via GPS, paddlewheel, andor pressure sensorSterndrive Trim angle. Port, Starboard, and Center Trim Tab Position. Java Program On Pizza Hut here. Steering angleransmissionStern Drive in gear indicator. Inches Traveled Per Engine. Fuel, water, and waste levelsater depthater temperature with graph. Air temperature. Dual engine synchronization display. GPS interface Course Over Ground COG, Speed Over Ground SOG, Distance to Waypoint DTW, Bearing to Waypoint BTW, Time to Waypoint TTW, Fuel to Waypoint FTW, Peak Speedngine maintenance records and reminders. Comprehensive system diagnostic display. Time of day. Fuel management, range consumption, gallons remaining, average and instant fuel mileagehese parameters require additional sensors not included with the engine package or gauge system. Ask your Mercury Racingdealerfor our full color brochure or call our publications department 9. It can also be ordered through. Catalog Request. Top of Page. FUELOIL RECOMMENDATION FAQSWhat type of fuel can I use Model. Gasoline Notes 1 2Additives. All 5. 00 models, 5. EFI, and 6. 00 SCi. USCAN 8. 7 RM2 9. RON minimum octane major brand of unleaded regular or premium without alcohol. NON USCAN 9. 2 RON minimum octane major brand of unleaded regular or premium without alcohol Note 4None Required. SC, 5. 25. SC, 5. SCi, 6. 00. SC, 8. SC, 8. 50 SCi, 9. SC, and 1. 07. 5 SCi. USCAN 9. 1 RM2 minimum octane unleaded regular or premium without alcohol, DO NOT USE Leaded Gasoline NON USCAN 9. RON minimum octane major brand of unleaded regular or premium without alcohol Note 3None Required. Notes If gasoline with alcohol must be used, periodically inspect complete fuel system for leaks and do not store fuel in boats fuel tank for long periods of time. To increase valve life on all Mer. Cruiser engines, the following recommendations should be considered. Use a propeller that allows engine to operate at or near the top of its maximum RPM range when at full throttle with a normal boat load. Operation at 34 throttle setting or lower is recommended. Refrain from prolonged operation at maximum full throttle RPM. If unleaded gasoline is not available, use a major brand of leaded gasoline. Top of Page. Can I use reformulated or oxygenated fuelsReformulated oxygenated gasolines are required in certain areas of the USA. The two types of oxygenates used in these fuels are alcohol ethanol or ether MTBE or ETBE. These reformulated gasolines are acceptable for use in your Mer. Cruiser engine. If the gasoline in your area contains either methanol methyl alcohol or ethanol, you should be aware of certain adverse effects that can occur. See your operation and maintenance manual for details. Top of Page. Can I use octane fuel additivesMercury Racing does not recommend octane buster for any Mercury Racing Products because we have not validated compatibility with the engines, nor do we know the octane rating of the fuel after it is mixed. Top of Page. What type of oil should I use Can I use synthetic oil To help obtain optimum engine performance and to provide maximum protection, we recommend the use of Mercury Precision 4 Cycle 2. W 4. 0 Marine Engine Oil. This oil is a special blend of 2. If not available, a good grade, straight weight, detergent automotive oil of correct viscosity, with an API service rating of SH,CFCF 2 may be used. In those areas where Mercury Precision 4 Cycle 2. W 4. 0 Marine Engine Oil or a recommended straight weight oil is not available, a multi viscosity 2. W 4. 0 or, as a second but less preferable choice, 2.