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Microsoft Certification Training Center In Bangalore Tv' title='Microsoft Certification Training Center In Bangalore Tv' />1849. In its very first year of operation, the Chamber pressed for the provision of information and communications infrastructure reliable mail services, trade. Cours De Tuyauterie Industrielle Pdf. Get access to a host of Azure training and certifications through Azure Master Program. Register now to get access on Azure Master training. Are you a senior executive or leading activist interested to contribute your thoughts, discuss your innovative work with the wider industry and help lead the. YOGA ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL Indias first international Yoga Alliance. Prathap Sankaralingam Contact information Nirvana Yoga Ayurveda School. Address 4f, No 1. Sims 3 Barnacle Bay'>Sims 3 Barnacle Bay. Lane 6. 5, Longjiang Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City 1. TAIWAN Mobile 8. Email prathapyoganirvana. Personal Website http www. My Journey with Yoga It was a voyage with several twirl and twist. I was born in a small town named Auppukkottai, Southern part of India. When I was in my tender age, in an early daybreak it happened to meet a professoras in university or as a teacher named Mr. CoolInterview. com Indias Largest Interview Questions Answers Website. CoolInterview. com is worlds Largest Collection of Free Interview Questions. Systems Expertise Selected Detail. Microsoft Excel. Proficient Excel User including formula building, macro creationmodification, graphing presentations charts. Microsoft Certification Training Center In Bangalore Tv' title='Microsoft Certification Training Center In Bangalore Tv' />Sundaralingam, who was living just next to my home. Auppukkottai Sundaralingam. He was doing Yoga in that dawn looking into is gracious face and body, while he was performing Sarvangasana Shoulder Stand and Sirasasana Head Stand, I was very much inspired and fell in Love with Yoga at once He was my first Asana teacher. Like everyone else, the enormous physical potential and the harmony drawn from Asnas was the motivation for me to learn Yoga. Yoga schools and Yoga teachers from around the world are part of YOGA ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL, fostering tranquil transformations everywhere If you have obtained. My first teacher had unbolted the access of yoga for me. And my Second Guru was Mr. Alumuthu and third I met Mr. Arunagiri at an Ashram called Thiruvalluvar Yoga and Naturopathy Centre at my home town. I became a student there. During this time of being a diligent learner in the Ashram, I realized that the Asanas are only a diminutive primary door step on the path of Yoga. It was my first time to depart little beyond and learn about the Yoga Philosophy in the Ashram. To me, learning Asanas was like implanting the seeds to the path of Yoga, and Yoga Philosophy was a nourishment, hard pressed me frontward to understand the real purpose of yoga. I could comprehend the real essence of it by and by. The sap of my Gurus teaching was to look into our being in three different planes. Such as Physical, Mental Spiritual, for better perceptive it also can be ordered as Body, Mind Soul. This teaching laid me a new trail of learning and its got inclined and blazed in my teachings later on. By the time I left the Ashram after being 8 years with my Gurus, I came to realize, yoga is not a mere system of physical practice. Its a way of harmonious living. Then I got introduced with Oshos teachings. Since then my journey has taken a different flight towards the ultimate truth. Particularly the series of his discourses named Alpha and the Omega, on Patanjali Yoga Sutra had flashed the beam on me, and I got illuminated furthermore that the Yoga is not only for Harmonious Living but to attain the ultimate awakening. One fine day evening when I visited my hometown, I met my Guru. In the midst of our conversation he said, if you want to really master something, you should become a teacher. It doesnt mean when you become a teacher your learning has come to an end. No but it really get instigated in another dimension. A sincere learner can become a Teacher, but you know, a sincere teacher is always a good learner too. Learning is a never ending episode you must keep yourself open and unwrapped forever like a new beginner. Then your Teaching Learning both are significant. When I understand this without more ado I became my Gurus assistant and commenced my Teaching. Being an assistant for few years with my Guru had laid a foundation of my career wholly in Yoga. As I left the Ashram with a longing thirst of sharing my Gurus Love and my learning, in the year of 2. Ive started my own Yoga school at Coimbatore, South India and named it Elysium School of Yoga. As I begin to teach all the age groups in various environments, my experience got expanded more and more. In the year 2. 00. I was chosen to be yoga instructor by Yoga Plus Hong Kong. This new occurrence had broadened my style of teaching with all different students around the world. In 2. 00. 9 I Moved to Taiwan and started my teaching style in the name of Nirvana Yoga. In this Ive also added Manta Chanting which helps students to grow in various higher dimensions physically and mentally. And after few years, I came across the Ayurveda an Holistic and Traditional Medicines and the way of treatments with no side effects at all. Ive learnt that this Ayurvedic Medicines with Pathya, Regularizing the food heals the ailments from the source. So Ive supplemented this Ayurvedic Philosophy in my teachings. From the year of 2. I started to travel around the islands of Taiwan and other Asian countries for teaching yoga, Retreats, Workshops, Certificate Courses and also Teacher trainings in Yoga and Ayurveda. Then Since 2. 01. I did experiments of some Meditation Techniques derived from Osho and other awakened ones along with Yoga and Ayurveda. Though yoga in itself has Meditation, but that part has become so formal now and there is no life in it. So I had to rework and rephrase it little bit and prescribe with other two. I felt my teaching is so complete and comprehensive with these three permutation Yoga, Ayurveda Meditation. Ayurveda helps to heal the body ailments. When it hook to yoga practice, it supports to Body and Mind. And when these two are amalgamated with Meditation with an accurate proportion, then it works on Body, Mind Soul. Infact these three are not separate realities. Just for a fundamental understanding, it has to be discriminated into three. Ultimately there is one. Whilst only one is remaining, it also is mentioned as Nothing or Nirvana. Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation lend a hand to move towards this ultimate oneness or Nirvana. They work as a tripod to unite the body, mind and soul. When we have demonstrated this in our retreats in India, it has actually worked with many of our friends, and scores of of them have really got initiated towards the quest of truth that Who am I. They got moved at least a bit, just beyond the traditional beliefs and dogmas which have become a mere lifeless cerebral exercise. In Nirvana Yoga, when we have fused all these three together in an exact ratio its become a soulful trinity of life.