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Exclusive Testing the Worlds Most Accurate Pistols Part IWhat is your ultimate shooting range pistolThis pistol is really accurate, we hear stated. A tack driver for sure, someone will say. Or, perhaps, well hear that a pistol has poor accuracy. Despite these subjective claims, we rarely see actual numerical data to back them up. On the opposite side, well also hear attempts to minimize the value of mechanical accuracy. Well hear, The guns accuracy doesnt matter. Any decent pistol is more accurate than the shooter. Another famous statement is Its the Indian not the arrow. RCSP22NEW.PNG' alt='Pardini Sp User Manual' title='Pardini Sp User Manual' />While we fully realize the shooter is the biggest variable, we also find a purpose built pistols mechanical accuracy fascinating to measure. As collectors of exceptionally well made range and competition focused pistols, we have spent a lot of time shooting some outstanding handguns and posting about them on various internet forums under the names bac. Yuns. During our time collecting and shooting, weve seen noticeable accuracy differences among these pistols. We wanted to test the accuracy potential of some of our best semi autos and see if our anecdotal observations about accuracy were borne out by the data. Would the difference be true differences in mechanical accuracy or would they be differences in shootability due to better ergonomics or other human factors To accomplish this, we decided to conduct a head to head group test. For this initial test, we chose ten of our pistols in order to make the test manageable. We decided that all the pistols tested in this first round should be 1 semiautomatic centerfire pistols that are exceptional in quality and accuracy, 2 built specifically for the range, and 3 chambered for either 9mm or. S W Long. Each of these pistols would have an established reputation for accuracy. We decided to exclude 1. We also added the Glock 1. L as an eleventh pistol at the last moment at the recommendation of others to serve as a frame of reference. We know our decision to exclude rimfires, single shots, revolvers and 1. The following guns made it to our first ultimate range pistol shootout S W Performance Center 5. PPC 9mm. S W Performance Center 3. Limited 9mm. Sig Arms P2. Heavy Frame 9mm. Sig Sauer P2. Legend Target 9mm. Sig Hammerli P2. 40. S WSig Sauer P2. S X Five Enhanced Classic 9mm. CZ 7. 5 Tactical Sport 9mm. Pardini Sp User Manual' title='Pardini Sp User Manual' />Benelli MP3. S. 3. S WPardini GT4. II 9mm. Beretta 9. Combat 9mm. Glock 1. L 9mm 3rd genSo what happens when the best are compared to the best Its a fun exercise in measuring the slimmest of margins. Pardini Sp User Manual' title='Pardini Sp User Manual' />Referral Patterns and Training Needs in Psychiatry among Primary Care Physicians in Canadian RuralRemote Areas. Steele, Margaret Zayed, Richard Davidson, Brenda. Original Article. Helicobacter pylori Infection and Gastric Carcinoma among Japanese Americans in Hawaii. Abraham Nomura, M. D., Grant N. Stemmermann, M. D., PoHuang. Its tedious work, but its also a pleasure to have so many of the worlds most accurate pistols in the same place at the same time. Who we are. We are serious collectors of modern target pistols and are also dedicated recreational shooters. Our writing reflects our perspective and experience. We especially appreciate exceptionally well made and accurate post war handguns. Both of us have extensive collections of targetrange pistols, but we have very few safe queens. We both believe that guns are meant to be shot, and we shoot virtually every pistol we own. Neither of us shoots competitively in bullseye or action pistol, and we have no military, police, or gun industry experience. Our results and opinions should be considered in light of our experience. Pardini Sp User Manual' title='Pardini Sp User Manual' />We are not writing from the perspective of defensive or combat use of pistols but rather as range shooters first and as collectors second. Our test results clearly reflect our limitations as marksmen. FullSizeRender.jpg' alt='Pardini Sp User Manual' title='Pardini Sp User Manual' />A champion at Camp Perry like Brian Zins would get far better results with the same pistols. You should also expect better overall results from Ransom Rests and bullseye shooters than our results. The Contenders. Group picture of bac. The Smiths. After the age of the service revolver but before the rise of the Glock, the most common police sidearm were three generations of Smith Wesson semiautomatic pistols. The pinnacles of these pistols were produced by the Smith Wesson Performance Center, which was established by Paul Liebenberg and others at S W. The original Performance Center did not just customize pistols built on the factory line but rather built its own guns much like a modern semi custom 1. These firearms were hand built with painstaking care to the highest levels of quality and precision. The precursor to these Performance Center pistols was the old Smith Wesson Model 5. Special Midrange Wadcutter bullseye pistol. The 5. 2 was succeeded by the Performance Center built single stack S W 9. The pistols we tested were among the most accurate ever produced by the Smith Wesson Performance Center. The first is a 5906 PPC9 6. The Klub 17 Pose. This was a single. Please tell us what you think about our web site If you provide us with your contact information, we will be able to reach you in case we have any questions. A Spring Note from the Publishers Dr. Patrick T. OToole. Matthew R. Serakowski. Welcome to UPPER ST. CLAIR TODAYour official USC community publicationwith. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. Mobile toplist for mobile web sites. We have over 2000 registered sites. Criminal defense lawyers explain California Gun Laws When is it legal or not to possess, sell or use firearms Penalties sentencing. Open Carry Rules. Watch Novinha Faz Video Caseiro Toda Molhadinha free porn video on MecVideos. S W 8. 45. 4. ACP. S W 5. 90. PPC9 6 S W 5. PPC9 6The pistols we tested were among the most accurate ever produced by the Smith Wesson Performance Center. The first is a 5. PPC9 6. This was a single action only double stack 9mm similar to the single stack 9. PPC police competition. The PPC9 was built in both 5 barrel and the much more scarce 6 barrel models. Like the rest of the Performance Center pistols, the PPC9 was hand fitted with a Briley spherical bushing to ensure tight barrel to slide fit and had its slide hand lapped to the frame and blended. Both the 9. 52 and PPC9 were well known for their accuracy and were used in bullseye and PPC competition. S W 3. Limited 5S W 3. Limited. The second pistol is the 3. Limited 5. This pistol was based on the single action only 5. PPC9 5, but, instead of 9mm, this was chambered in. TSW. TSW stood for Team Smith Wesson and later Tactical Smith Wesson. This unusual caliber was a 92. IPSCUSPSA type practical shooting competitions. Game Phineas And Ferb Dimension Of Doom here. The brass is tapered like 9mm not straight walled like. Super. Since it is no longer available, brass can be made by cutting down 92. Corbon. 3. 56. TSW JHP drove 1. This compares favorably with Speer Gold Dot. Magnum which drives 1. This is hotter than the Gold Dot. Sig at 1. 25 grains at 1. Gold Dot 1. 24 grain 9mm P loading at 1. This is less energy, however, than the. Magnum loading of Buffalo Bore which can drive 1. The 3. 56. 6 came in three models. In addition to this single action only 5 model based on the PPC9, there were two other models. One was a DASA compact with a 3. DASA action and 4. This particular example came with both the original. Cd Bon Jovi Destination Anywhere Download there. TSW barrel and a Performance Center fitted 9mm barrel. For purposes of this test we used the 9mm barrel. Both S W pistols have outstanding single stage single action triggers with almost no take up and a clean break with an incredibly short reset. The 3. 56. 6 has a trigger pull weight of 2. Lyman trigger gauge. The Sigs. Produced by SIG Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft and its successors SIG Arms and SAN Swiss Arms AG in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland, the legendary P2. Design of the P2. Charles Petter Modle 1. A pistol. The end result was a single action only single stack pistol possessing extraordinary abilities. The pistol entered service in 1. Swiss army and saw service up through the conflict in Afghanistan with the Danish army. Numerous variants of the P2. P2. 10 pistols were produced in 9mm,. Luger and. 2. 2lr. All variants were extremely accurate. The pistols came with 5. As bac. 10. 23 has always believed, no pistol in history combines outstanding accuracy, superb build quality, incredible durability, non stop reliability, and a storied military pedigree like the Sig P2. There are pistols that can match or even exceed it in a couple categories, but nothing beats it when everything is combined. 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