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Real World Leaf Range 2. I guess I can chime in now. I finally own an electric car. Leaf SV. I scored it used certified preowned whatever yadda yadda 4. YES. mine. I was well aware of the limitations of the car. I FULLY expect to have to replace the battery every 3 years. IS what sealed the deal and got me to get one. Mods2017Portal-5.jpg' alt='Real World Terrain' title='Real World Terrain' />Tesla Model S Teslas spectacular Model S electric sedan grabs headlines on a daily basis, but the key metric for an electric vehicle is its realworld range. Terrain. party The easiest way to get realworld height maps for Cities Skylines Discuss. Real WorldRoad Rules Challenge Fresh Meat is the 12th season of the MTV reality game show, The Challenge at the time known as Real WorldRoad Rules Challenge. Testing has begun for Toyotas Project Portal semi, which features a small 12kilowatthour battery as well as two fuel cell stacks lifted from the Mirai. I have had the car for 4 months now. I have put 8. 40. I put another 1. 18 miles on the car today. I push it. I dont push it. Real World Terrain' title='Real World Terrain' />A cloud platform for services, a catalyst for instore business, realtime retail these are just three approaches that show how the process of digital. Want to bring more power to athletic pursuits Build up your balance and stability Or are you simply hoping to make everyday acts like bending, turning, and. EPA fuelefficiency ratings often dont match realworld fuel economy performance. Heres why. I deliver pizza. I charge at work. I have a backup car geo metro I park at work in case I run out of go juice I also have a backup car at home and a backup car at my second job. I was getting over 8. I did it a couple timesat freeze temps I get 6. I have a 2. 40v outlet at both jobs and at homeat freeze temps down to 3. I can do the 5. 4 miles with minimal heat and still make it 1. I can not use the heater. I do not think I would make it. I confirmed I can do it down to 1. I got a small indoor safe propane heater for heat but its a catch 2. TON of water vapor. BLOWER without engaging both the AC and the HEATER. Ouch. Working on getting the hvac panel modded to allow me to use the blower without engaging the heater or ac units wont be perfect but it will extend the time between defrostings significantly I thinkI wear fleeced lined leggings and a fleece lined form fitting undershirt under my clothes. I wear gloves. I love the seat heater and heated wheel. ZxyN7esQkY/0.jpg' alt='Real World Terrain' title='Real World Terrain' />Real World TerrainI want range not heat. I will shiver if I have too as the more range I can get the less often I have to use the gas car the more money I make. PRIMARY problem is window fogging. I found working solutions for this but they are all one time use. PAIN IN THE YOU KNOW WHAT to apply so far I have only had to use maybe 2 gallons of gas in 4 months. I average 8. 0 to 1. Playhouse Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Game. Worldterrain4.jpg' alt='Real World Terrain' title='Real World Terrain' />Read GMC Terrain reviews specs, view GMC Terrain pictures videos, and get GMC Terrain prices buying advice for both new used models here. Silverleaf, located in Scottsdale, Arizona offers Private and Elegant Luxury Real Estate, Custom New Homes and Estate Homesites. I dont really care how long the battery lasts only how many MILES will it last. I can get 9. 0,0. I will have saved enough in gas to 1. AND 1. 00 pay for the replacement battery pack. I can live with that. IMMENSELY life altering in how much money they can save you. Some things to consider. WHY are you even thinking of buying an electric car now FUELING and FIXING your existing car is cheaper than buying even a leaf. I figure down to 1. I can squeeze 5. 6 miles out of the car. HOWEVER this is on MY commute with a posted speed limit of 5. WITHOUT heat. forget it. NO HEAT. 5. 5 5. WITH CONDITIONS. PREHEAT on umbilical power 2. GO no stops no detours no high speed hvac set at no more than 7. I always drain it well below 2. I always charge to 1. I WISH I could trust the charge timer. I can not. ideally I would set it not to charge when I get home but to start at the right time such that it finishes charging when I want to command a preheat. WARMS charging and WARMS while in use. I cant trust it. I am out 2. Ouch. so I live with the small hit of chilling the battery. Jogos Do Vista Para Xp. I wish I could manually turn on the battery heaters to warm up the battery in the morning while on umbilical power. I go through a lot of hoops as you can see to use this very limited range car. REWARD IS I am no longer pouring 1. PER WEEK in gasoline into a fuel tank either. I really want to fly out to japan find the guy who designed this bitch slap him in front of all his coworkers while screaming HAVE YOU EVER SAT IN THIS DAMNED CAR AND USED THIS SYSTEM YOU DESIGNED. WOW what garbage. I consider to be quite literally dangerous to use. Period. SO I velcroed a 7 android tablet over the screen. I just ignore the 2. Grrrrr. and dont even get me started on having to hit OK to that damned message EVERY SINGLE TIME I get in the car roughly 4. DAILY Grrrrotherwise. I freaking love my leaf. SILENCE of driving this thing. I mean besides the norma brakes tires wipers and once in a while bearings etc. I fully expect to put 2. I expect to get 3 to 3. I might be able to extend that if I invest in a brusa charger to boost the rate at which I can recharge the car when plugged in. NJ commute is a tough one. MAX hunt round trip is 1. I recharge it. at 3. I recover 1 mile every 4 minutes. I could get a mile every 6. HUGE improvement in fact MOST deliveries would result in me charging net positiveMAN the heater is fantastic. I tap my watch to start up the heater and its toasty when I get to the car. LOVE IT. the heater in my 2. PIG though. man does it suck down the battery hard core. I understand the AC is quite efficient however so I think I will ahve no problems at all once the temps go up again. I will be towing tiny 4. I town with my geo metro. I can pretty much toast anything on the road 0 3. ADDS energy it only recovers some lost energy that otherwise would have gone into the brake rotors as heat. I REALLY hate that the car dials back the regen in the winter. I do a lot of heavy stop and go with delivery and USE the regen to both reduce my range losses and to conserve my brake hardware. I estimate i might get 1. I have no idea how long the pads will last. Step one you have to LEARN the car and LEARN what mkwh you get under what conditions. II dongle and leaf spy. THIS is your range. NO hvac at all 3. I would rate the drop dead range of the leaf. Daewoo Tv Lcd Manual there. Drop dead being 2. DONT need more than that then WHY are you buying a leaf I hear they will have a larger capacity battery. USABLE capacity battery so what 3. THAT would be sweet. I cant wait. I hear 2. I will score one. Mountainboarding Wikipedia. MBS Pro 1. 00 Mountainboard with no. Sno soft bindings. Mountainboarding, also known as Dirtboarding, Offroad Boarding, and All Terrain Boarding ATB, is a well established1 if little known action sport, derived from snowboarding. This was initially pioneered by James Stanleydisambiguation needed during a visit in the 1. Matterhorn where snow was not available. A mountainboard is made up of components including a deck, bindings to secure the rider to the deck, four wheels with pneumatic tires, and two steering mechanisms known as trucks. Mountainboarders, also known as riders, ride specifically designed boardercross tracks, slopestyle parks, grass hills, woodlands, gravel tracks, streets, skateparks, ski resorts, BMX courses and mountain bike trails. It is this ability to ride such a variety of terrain that makes mountainboarding different from other board sports. HistoryeditOriginseditMorton Helligs Supercruiser Inc. All Terrain Dirtboard, patented in 1. Mountainboarding name coined by Jason Lee began in the UK, the United States and Australia in 1. Unknown to each other, riders from other boardsports started to design and build, and eventually manufacture boards that could be ridden off road. This desire to expand the possible terrain that a boarder can ride created the sport of Mountainboarding. Dave and Pete Tatham, Joe Inglis and Jim Aveline, whilst looking for an off season alternative to surfing and snowboarding, began designing boards that could be ridden down hills. Inglis developed initial prototypes, and in 1. Sno was started. Extensive research and development produced the no. Sno truck system which enabled the boards to be steered and remain stable at high speeds. No. Sno boards utilised snowboard bindings and boots, with large tyres for rough ground, and the option for a hand operated hydraulicdisc brake. In 1. Heavenly Valley Resort in Northern California, friends Jason Lee, Patrick Mc. Connell and Joel Lee went looking for an alternative for the summer season. Not finding anything suitable they co founded Mountain. Board. Sports MBS in 1. The original MBS boards, known as Frame Boards had a small wooden deck metal posts to hold the riders feet, a tubular metal frame connecting trucks which used springs to enable steering and thus create the carving sensation that the MBS co founders were looking for. The first recorded mountainboarding act occurred in the summer of 1. Mike Motta residing in Medford Massachusetts navigated down a hill known as Seven Bumps in Malden Massachusetts on a bet, using a standard Franklin skateboard. AustraliaeditJohn Milne developed a three wheeled version of a mountainboard in 1. It used a unique steering system to emulate surfing on land. It had three wheels and a skate style deck with no bindings. Mid to late ninetieseditFrom the early days of invention there has always been a competitive element in mountainboarding. Encompassing racing, freestyle and downhill, competitions have been organised in the USA since 1. UK since 1. 99. 7. In the same year the ATBA UK All Terrain Boarding Association, the national governing body for mountainboarding in the UK was born. As a non profit making organisation it represented and promoted the sport by putting riders interests first, promoting safety, sanctioning events, providing training, and sourcing funding to put on the ATBA UK National Series, an annual series of competitions. The competitions did much to promote the sport and in 1. The components evolved, and the sport continued to grow. MBS developed the open heel binding, the channel truck, the eggshock and the reverse V Brake system and sold boards in around 3. In 1. 99. 8 Maxtrack started distributing MBS mountainboards in the UK and Europe. As of recent there have been some powered mountain boards gaining traction in the board enthusiast world. Small gas or electric motors attached to allow for mountainboarding to be done on flat ground or to climb hills rather than just going downhill. Sebastian Fayad has been making the most forward progress and innovations in recent years with his Nitro Boards line that features a 4 stroke gas engine and higher performance boards. EquipmenteditBoard ComponentseditMountainboard decks are the part that most of the components are attached to, and provide the base for the rider to stand on. They are generally from 9. For example, high specification boards may be made from compositecarbon and glass reinforced plastics, possibly with a wooden core, similarly made to a snowboard deck. Basic decks are generally made using laminated wood pressed into shape, comparable to a longboard deck with larger dimensions and a different shape. There are variable characteristics such as flex, weight, shape, length and tip angle that can be catered for in custom or stock boards from a variety of manufacturers. Trucks are the components made up of a hanger, damping andor spring system, and axles which attach the wheels to the deck. They also have the mechanisms required to allow the board to turn. Skate TruckseditSkate trucks have a rigid axle and a top hanger, with a single bolt and bushings, also called rubbers or grommets, that provide the cushion mechanism for turning the mountainboard. The bushings cushion the truck when it turns. The stiffer the bushings, the more resistant the mountainboard is to turning. The softer the bushings, the easier it is to turn. A bolt called a kingpin holds these parts together and fits inside the bushings. Thus by tightening or loosening the kingpin nut, the trucks can be adjusted loosely for better turning and tighter for more control. Skate style mountainboard trucks are similar to skateboard trucks but more robust and with a longer axle. Channel TruckseditChannel trucks are common on mountainboards, and are made up of an axles mounted to the truck bottom piece, which is suspended from a top hanger by a kingpin. They are mounted to the deck using nuts and bolts through the hanger part, on an angle, usually 3. When the board is tilted laterally the axles turn together to angle the wheels in the direction of the turn. Two polyurethanedampers sometimes known as egg shocks are mounted between the hanger and the axle housing on each truck to provide resistance to the lean of the rider during turning. Springs are mounted in the same place with the dampers inside them. Shock and spring arrangement. The shocks present in channel trucks are there to dampen the turning system, and help reduce the oscillations of the trucks on the board commonly described as speed wobble. The springs are there to return the deck to centre after a turn has been performed, neither are there to provide suspension between the deck and axles. They have a kingpin that cant move vertically which prevents this. Also, the effectiveness of springs as employed in current 2. In a Coil over Oil shock, the extension of the spring is dampened as well as contraction. In a channel truck design, this is not the case as the damper sits freely inside the springtherefore only contraction is dampened, not extension. This means that when a spring ceases to be under load and extends, it can extend past the equilibrium point. No. Sno TruckseditNo.