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Realtek Transcode Server Software' title='Realtek Transcode Server Software' />Thinkstation specs Think. Station S3. 0Think. Station S3. 0 Product Overview. The single processor S3. Advanced Technology Extended ATX motherboard, a 6. W power supply unit PSU, and a 3. Ethernet. The S30 motherboard implements onboard gigabit Ethernet via one Intel Lewisville 82579 controller. This integrated solution has support for the industry. Adium est un logiciel de messagerie instantane multiprotocol gratuit pour Mac qui permet de se connecter quasiment tous les rseaux existant Jabber, Yahoo Now I know Im not the first person to attempt using an Intel Atom based solution as a server, but I know there will be many out there who may be considering doing. Should I remove ATI Catalyst Control Center by ATI Technologies AMD Catalyst formerly named ATI Catalyst is a device driver and utility software package for ATI. Pc Games Full Version For Windows 7 32Bit more. I just bought one and it. I think I just have a faulty unit though. I can connect to it with the provided software as well as through Media. Realtek Transcode Server Software' title='Realtek Transcode Server Software' />Realtek Transcode Server SoftwareATX form factor tower. The motherboard chipset consists of the Intel Patsburg PCH supporting error correcting code ECC unbuffered Double Data Rate 3 DDR3 Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory SDRAM. Maximum memory supported is 6. GB for UDIMMs and 2. GB pending 3. 2GB RDIMM availability. The processor socket is an Intel 2. Land Grid Array LGA2. Realtek Transcode Server Software' title='Realtek Transcode Server Software' />Socket R with support for dual core, quad core, six core, eight core, ten core and twelve core processors from the Intel Xeon line. Section I System Overview. Operating Systems. Preloaded Genuine Windows 8 Professional 6. No more missed important software updates UpdateStar 11 lets you stay up to date and secure with the software on your computer. Specifications page for HP ProDesk 400 G2 Desktop Mini PC. Genuine Windows 8. Professional 6. 4 bit. Genuine Windows 7 Professional 6. Genuine Windows 7 Professional 3. WSXJ1MNOGNQ/T1h4gOfYbfI/AAAAAAAAAE8/kv1Lggo5QeA/s1600/scvmm2.PNG' alt='Realtek Transcode Server Software' title='Realtek Transcode Server Software' />Supported Genuine Windows XP Professional 6. Genuine Windows XP Professional 3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. Motherboard S3. Table 1. S3. 0 Motherboard Summary. S3. 0 Motherboard Summary. Form Factor. Board Size. Layout. Custom ATXMotherboard Core. Processor Support. Intel Xeon Quad Core Sandy Bridge EPIntel Xeon Six Core. Intel Xeon Eight Core. Intel Xeon Dual Core. Intel Xeon Ten Core. Intel Xeon Twelve Core. Socket Type1 x Intel Socket R LGA2. Memory Support. 16. MHz. QPI GTPS6. GTPS Links. Voltage Regulator. VR 1. 2. 1 1. 30. W TDPChipset PCHPatsburg A Intel C6. Support for SAS HDD enablement module HW module to allow enablement of B SKUFlash. Mbit SPI Flash with FWHHW Monitor. NASuper IONuvoton 6. DClock. ICS9. 32. SQ4. 20. BAudio. Realtek ALC6. VDEthernet. Intel Lewisville 8. SASIntegrated with Patsburg A SAS HDD enablement module. Memory. Slots. 8Channels. Type. DDR3 Unbuffered SDRAM UDIMM, RDIMMECC Support. Yes. Speed. Up to PC3 1. MHzMax DIMM Sizeup to 8. GB UDIMM, up to 3. Microsoft Games Checkers more. GB RDIMMMax System Memory. Up to 6. 4GB UDIMM w8. GB, Up to 2. 56. GB RDIMM w3. GBEthernet. Vendor. Intel. Count. EEPROMNone part of SPI flashSpeeds. Mbps. Functions. PXEWOLAMTJumbo Frames. Connectors1 x RJ4. Rear IOAudio. Vendor. Realtek. Type. HD 5. Internal Speaker. Yes. Connectors3 x Rear 3. Jacks Line In, Line Out, Microphone In2 x Front 3. Jacks Headphone out, Microphone In1 x 2 Pin Internal Speaker Header. Video. Onboardlt Not Supported Adapter2 x PCI E 3. Lane Slots. Additional adapters may be supported in x. Spec Bids. Multi GPU Support. BIOS supported, card dependant. Storage. Floppy. None. IDENone. SATASAS2 x SATA Connectors, Gen. AHCI2 x SATA Connectors, Gen. AHCI3 x SATASAS Connectors, Gen. SCU SAS drives on SCU require SAS HDD enablement module to function1 x e. SATA Connector, Gen. SATA bracketSATA RAID 0,1,5 supported natively via Intel Controller. SAS RAID 0,1 and SATA RAID 0,1 supported via SAS Enablement Module. SAS and SATA RAID 0,1,5 supported via LSI 9. SAS and SATA RAID 0,1 supported via LSI 9. SAS and SATA RAID 0,1,5 supported via LSI 9. SATA1 x e. SATA Connector, Gen. Slots. Slot 1 Near CPU1. Lane PCI E v. 3. Full Length, Full Height. Slot 2. 4 Lane PCI E v. Lane Mechanical Full Length, Full Height. Slot 3. 16 Lane PCI E v. Full Length, Full Height. Slot 4. PCI v. 2. Full Length, Full Height. Slot 5 Near Edge4 Lane PCI E v. Half Length, Full Height, open tailgate RF 2. Rear IOCOM1 x Serial Port COM1e. SATA1 x e. SATA Port Gen. LPTNone. Videolt No Onboard Video Audio. Microphone In, Line In, Line Out. Ethernet1 x RJ4. USB 2. USB 2. Ports. USB 3. USB 3. Ports. Internal IOUSB 2. Front Panel USB Header 2 portsMedia Card Reader Header. Internal USB connector. USB 3. 0. Front Panel USB 3. PS21 x 2 port PS2 Header, ports optional via bracket. Audio1 x Front Panel Mic Line Out Header. COM2. None. Clear CMOS3 Pin Clear CMOS Header. Speaker. 2 Pin Internal Speaker Header. Chassis Intrusion. Pin Chassis Intrusion Switch Header. Thermal. Fans Headers1 x 4 Wire CPU Fan1 x 4 Wire Rear Fan1 x 3 Wire Front PCI Fan1 x 4 Wire Front HDD Fan1 x 5 Wire Memory Fan1 x 3 Wire PCH Fan PCH Fan not installedPower Connectors. Main1 2. 4 Pin 21. ATX Standard. VRM1 8 Pin 24 ATX 1. V Standard. Graphics1 4 Pin 22 ATX 1. V Standard. Security. TPMVersion 1. 2, Nuvoton NPCT4. LA0. WX Base MTMsVersion 1. ST Micro ST3. 3TPM1. LPC IVB MTMs and later. Asset IDNXP PCA2. S0. 8v. Pro. AMT 8. BIOSVendor. AMIEthernet. The S3. 0 motherboard implements onboard gigabit Ethernet via one Intel Lewisville 8. This integrated solution has support for the industry standard functions of Wake on LAN WOL and Preboot Execution Environment PXE. Jumbo Frames are supported. Additionally, for Manageability features, Lewisville will support AMT. LPC Super IONuvoton 6. D Super IO chip. Audio. The ALC6. 62 VD chip from Realtek provides S3. Windows. 7 Premium performance requirements. HD 5. 1 audio is supported via jack remapping. There are 2 front analog jacks, and 3 rear color coded per MS Vista Logo Specification SYSFUND 0. Clock Generator. The clock generator chip on S3. ICS9. 32. SQ4. 20. B. Chassis Summary. S3. 0 Chassis is a 3. ATX form factor tower mechanical with 2 external 5. Chassis Info Chassis Format Tower. Chassis color Raven Black Chassis Dimension cm 4. D x 1. 75mm W x 4. HChassis Dimension in 1. D x 6. 8. 9 W x 1. HChassis Weight 3. Power supply 6. 10. W 9. 0 Efficient. P Thermal Solution. The S3. 0 1. P system will utilize a single fansink solution supporting up to 1. W CPUs. In addition to the CPU fansink, the S3. P system will contain a rear system fan, an optional front PCI fan to be used only with auxiliary powered graphics adapters, and an optional memory chiller dual fan, one for each bank, only used in select memory configurations. Provisions for additional fans exist on the motherboard, but are not needed at this time. Security Serviceability. Physical Security and Serviceability. Access Panel. Tool less side cover removal. Optical Drive. Tool less. Hard Drives. Tool less. Expansion Cards. Tool less. Processor Socket. Tool less. Color coded User Touch Points. Yes. Color coordinated Cables and Connectors. Yes. Memory. Tool less. System Board. Tool less. Green Color Power LED on Front of Computer. Yes. Restore CDDVD Set. Restore system to original factory shipping image Can be obtained via Lenovo Support. Cable Lock Support. Yes, Optional Kensington Cable Lock. Serial, Parallel, USB, Audio, Network, EnableDisable Port Control. Yes. Power On Password. Yes. Setup Password. Yes. NIC LEDs integratedYes. Security Chip. Yes. Access Panel Key Lock. Yes. Boot Sequence Control. Yes. Padlock Support. Yes, loop in rear for optional padlock, prevents side panel removal. Boot without keyboard andor mouse. Yes. Operating Environment. Temperature. Operating. Non Operating. Humidity. Relative Humidity. Operating 1. 0 8. Storage 1. 0 9. Transit 1. Wet Bulb Temperature. Operating 2. 5 degrees C maxNon Operating 4. C maxAltitude. Supported Altitudeunpressurized 0 1. Operating temperature derated 1C per 3. Regulations and Standards. EMCFCC Do. CCanada. CE EMCVCCIJEIDAC Tick. BSMICCIBSafety. UL C ULTUV GSISO 9. NOMIRAMCCIBPSBCE LVDEnergy Star. All S3. 0 systems are designed to with the premise of maximizing energy efficiency. The latest version of the Energy Star standard is still being defined. Pending ratification of the newest Energy Star spec, the Development team will assess which models will be able to be Energy Star compliant. How To Turn Your Windows 1. Computer Into The Ultimate Media PCJust because Microsoft killed Windows Media Center in Windows 1. PC. Heres how to turn your Windows 1. If you dont already have a home theatre PC HTPC up to the job of streaming your content, youll need to source one from parts or buy one off the shelf. Heres how to get startedChoose Your Specs. Building a home theatre PC is relatively easy, but you have to remember up front that not all hardware is created equally. Youre going to need a machine with enough grunt to make sure that your HTPC is up to the job in front of it. Sure, you could use something like the cheap and cheerful Raspberry Pi mini computer, but what you really need for that hot new HTPC is something a little more grown up. Ideally, youd like this thing to be your ultimate media PC, so lets use that as our frame when looking for specs. And dont worry building a HTPC isnt like building a gaming PC. Youll need a fraction of the cash. For a basic system, you shouldnt need more than 2. GB 4. GB of RAM, an Intel Core i. AMD A6 CPU, a decent Blu ray disc drive and a hard drive thats at least 1. TB in size. Also keep in mind that youll want a small ish case that fits inside your entertainment unit. Check out this list for specific component names and numbers. Of course, you can always just buy a machine off the shelf for your HTPC needs. If youre doing that youll need to remember you lose the ability to truly customise your machine with an off the shelf purchase, and you might end up paying more for the convenience at the end of the day. Buying your own machine comes with the added benefit of getting Windows 1. Of course, if you have your own machine already, you can skip this step and get on with your software installChoose Your Software. Windows 1. 0 is fantastic, because it runs a swathe of great software suites. There are hundreds of options for your home media centre software, and you should experiment with as many of them as you can to find one thats right. We have two recommendations Kodi formerly known as XBMC and Plex. Setup and Configuration. Plex takes about five minutes to set up. Kodi can take five minutes too, but it can also take a lot longer if you want to configure additional features and customise your setup. If youre looking for a simple process, youll probably prefer Plex. All you do is install the server software, tell it where to find your media, and create a Plex account that you can use to log in from the server and any client devices. When running Plex on a client computer, mobile device, television or set top box, it will automatically detect any servers connected to your account. From there, you can just start using Plex whether youre home or thousands of miles away. That isnt to say youll have a hard time setting up Kodi. You can simply download Kodi for your platform, tell it where to find your media and call it a day. However, most users want to do more than that. If you have your media in a remote location, youll need to set up file sharing on that system and tell Kodi how to access it. Youll also spend some time configuring Kodis settings to work just the way you like, as it contains far more fine grained controls than Plex. Still, if youre only installing the app on a computer the process doesnt require too much effort. When you get into customisation, however, you can spend hours getting Kodi just the way you like it which well discuss later. For some, this can be a plus or a minus. It really depends on how much effort you want to expend and what you want to accomplish. Finally, Kodis setup process differs from platform to platform but we have guides to help you through many of them any Windows, OS X or Linux computer, small, Linux friendly hardware, Apple TV 2, Raspberry Pi and inexpensive, custom hardware. The Bottom Line If you want to get up and running in minutes, including powerful features, Plex will do the trick. If you dont mind spending more time setting things up manually and tweaking settings to get exactly what you want, Kodis setup process wont deter you and you might actually like it. Customisation. Kodi offers a remarkably high level of customisation, from plug ins to skins to additional features such as watching live television. If you can think of it, chances are Kodi can do it. It may not right out of the box, but because of its customisation options, you can add on almost whatever you want. On top of that, Kodi is filled with little settings and tweaks. If you dont like the way something works, you can most likely change it. Plex isnt very customisable, but it unofficially works with many plug ins designed for Kodi. Well discuss this further in the next section, but if you want to add new features to Plex, you have a means of doing so. That said, it doesnt offer anywhere near the flexibility of Kodi. The Bottom Line If you like to have things exactly your way, youll want to use Kodi. If you only plan to add features via plug ins, you could get by with Plex. Internet Video Channels and Plug ins. Kodi, through plug ins, supports several internet video sites on some platforms, like You. Tube. Just install the plug in you want and youre good to go. Plex also allows you to install plug ins, which few users actually realise. Plex officially supports a small few that come installed automatically including Vimeo, Revision. Funny or Die but unofficially works with many others. Plex also offers a my. Plex Queue featuring, allowing you to save internet videos for later viewing directly from Plex. This feature works well with You. Tube and some online video sites. The Bottom Line Both Kodi and Plex support a wide variety of channels. Kodi has a better reputation for plug ins, but Plex unofficially works with most of them and has an excellent internet video queue feature. Remote Control. Kodi provides several remote control options. To start, you can get a ton of apps for your mobile device. The Kodi team created the Official Kodi Remote Android, which provides a standard remote and library browsing functionality so you can easily choose TV and movies to play on your HTPC via your phone. Kodi Remote i. OS, 2. Boxee, Plex Kodi remote i. OS offers a simple remote option. Games For Ti-84 Plus Silver Edition Mario. If you dont want to control Kodi using a mobile device, you can use several hardware controllers, such as a keyboard, mouse or media centre remote. Plexs official mobile apps can serve as feature rich remote controls, but require a 5 purchase. Plex Remote Android and Boxee, Plex Kodi remote i. OS offer free alternatives. Plex also supports the Apple Remote and Logitech Harmony Remotes out of the box. Other remote options can be configured, such as a Universal Remote Control URC and a standard computer keyboard. The Bottom Line Both platforms offer great remote control support, but Kodi provides more flexibility and a cheaper and larger mobile app selection. If you need help choosing a remote for either, read this. Remote Streaming. Plex handles remote streaming better than anything. Not only does it stream video reliably and in the original format whenever possible, but it will also convert the video into a different format when necessary. If you want to stream a video from your home to your tablet while on holidays, for example, Plex will convert the video in real time to account for the slower connection speed.