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Rocky Balboa Speech To His Son Mp3' title='Rocky Balboa Speech To His Son Mp3' />Online Tagalog Filipino Dictionary PWord pa. English Definition see pa. Word pa. 1English Definition affix affix for verbs meaning to cause, get or allow someone to do what the root word indicates Word pa. English Definition adv more yet still Notes expresses the immaturity or continuance of a situation and stands in contrast with NA, as MABUTI PA, better yet BASA PA ANG DAMIT, the clothes are still wet. Word paa. English Definition noun foot Word paalam. JPY Japanese Yen Latest News, Analysis and Forex. Latest JPY market news, analysis and Japanese Yen trading forecast from leading. Noregistration upload of files up to 250MB. Not available in some countries. SistersWeekend_103_MPX-1920x1080-800x400.jpg' alt='Rocky Balboa Speech To His Son Mp3' title='Rocky Balboa Speech To His Son Mp3' />English Definition see paalam. Word paalam. 1English Definition intj rw. ALAM farewell Word paalam. Active Verb magpaalam. English Definition verb to bid goodbye L2 Definition Notes Examples Magpaalam na kayo sa inyong lolo at lola at tayo ay uuwi na. Say goodbye to your grandfather and grandmother because we are going home now. Word paano. English Definition int how Word paaralan. LITTLE STEVEN AND THE SISTER CITIES OF SOUL At his gig last week in Bristol, England, Little Steven treated the audience to a rare blast from his past, when he worked. Bette Midler STILL DIVINE c are you currently o ld get the damn hifi to en to Nat King Cole he g genius and his daughCole was a genius tooEnglish Definition noun rw. ARAL school L2 Definition syn ESKUWELAHAN Word pabagsak. English Definition see pabagsak. Word pabagsak. 1English Definition noun rw. BAGSAK bribery tip Word pabagsak. English Definition adv suddenly dropping something resoundingly Word pabango. English Definition noun perfume lotion cologne Word pabaon. JPG' alt='Rocky Balboa Speech To His Son Mp3' title='Rocky Balboa Speech To His Son Mp3' />English Definition noun rw. BAON provision of money, food or supplies allowed or given to someone making a trip Word pabaya. English Definition adj careless negligent Word pabo. English Definition noun turkey Word pabor. English Definition noun favor Notes Spanish Word paborita. English Definition adj favorite L2 Definition var paborito Notes Word pabrika. English Definition noun factory Notes Spanish Word pabula. Windows 7 Gadgets Not Working After Update Blank. English Definition noun fable Notes Spanish Word pad. English Definition noun ruled paper Word pader. English Definition noun wall or brickstone wall Word padpad. Active Verb mapadpad. English Definition verb to be shipwrecked to be driven or carried by a storm or tide Word padre. English Definition noun a borrowing from Spanish which means father used as an appellation for a priest Word padrino. English Definition noun male sponsor L2 Definition syn NINONG colloq Notes Spanish Word padyak. Active Verb pumadyak. English Definition verb to stamp ones feet Word padyama. English Definition noun pajamas Word pag. English Definition conj particle which means on, if, when Word pag aari. English Definition noun property Word pag irog. English Definition noun love. Word pagbabago. English Definition noun rw. BAGO change Word pagdaka. English Definition conj immediately quickly L2 Definition var PAGKARAKA Word paghihintay. English Definition see hintay. Word pagkain. English Definition noun food Word pagkakaidlip. English Definition see idlip. Word pagkaraan. English Definition adv after after passing Word pagkatao. English Definition noun upbringing Word pagkatapos. English Definition adv afterwards Word pagkit. English Definition noun paste Word pagmamahal. English Definition noun love, affection, loving Word pagod. English Definition see pagod. 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English Definition verb to rest to take a break L2 Definition Notes Examples Magpahinga ka muna sa bahay bago tayo umalis muli. You should take a rest at home first before we resume our trip. Word pahintulot. English Definition noun permission Word pain. English Definition noun bait Word pait. English Definition adj ma bitter Word pakete. English Definition noun package Word paki English Definition affix a verbal prefix which indicates a request, as PAKIABOT, please hand over, please get Word pakiling. English Definition noun leaves used for scrubbing wooden floors and walls Word pakimkim. English Definition noun rw. KIMKIM a sum of money given by a sponsor in baptism, confirmation, or wedding, to the person being sponsored Word pakinabang. English Definition noun profit benefit Holy Communion Word pakipkip. English Definition noun rw. KIPKIP gift given by a NINONG or NINANG, specially in baptisms and confirmations Word pako. English Definition see pako. Word pako. 1English Definition noun nail Word pako. English Definition noun fern Word pakpak. English Definition noun wing Word paksa. English Definition noun topic subject matter Word paktoriya. English Definition noun baggage masters office railway factory Notes Spanish Word pakulutan. English Definition noun beauty parlor Word pakundangan. English Definition noun reverence respect especially for age, holy things, traditions, honor, and the like Word pakwan. English Definition noun watermelon L2 Definition Notes Examples See a picture. Word pakyaw. English Definition see pakyaw. Word pakyaw. 1English Definition noun wholesale buying L2 Definition Notes Chinese Examples Word pakyaw. Active Verb mamakyaw. Passive Verb pakyawin. English Definition verb to buy by wholesale to buy something by wholesale Word pala. English Definition part so an exclamation of surprise, as IKAW PALA So, it is you L2 Definition Notes when used after HINDI, expresses contrast with ones expectation a reversal, as ANG ISIP KOY BALAT LAMANG NG ITLOG ITO, HINDI PALA, KUNDI ITLOG NA BUO. I thought this was only an eggshell, but no, it was a whole egg. Examples Word palaba. Active Verb magpalaba. English Definition verb to have clothes washed to have someone wash ones clothes L2 Definition Notes Examples Magpalaba ka na ng damit mo sa ating labandera. You should now have your clothes washed by our laundrywoman. Word palabas. English Definition noun show film Word palad. English Definition noun palm of the hand Word palag. English Definition noun wiggling squirming jerking of feet Word palagay. English Definition noun opinion idea Word palagi. English Definition adv always often L2 Definition var LAGI Word palaisdaan. English Definition noun fish pond Word palaka. English Definition noun frog Word palakad. 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