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Home KIDOZ The worlds largest mobile network for kids. Kidoz, a network for kids to discover content, has grown in the past year from 1 million monthly active users to 5. Startups Slush 2. Edison Investment. A company providing services in energy efficient re equipment of settlements and enterprises with the help of energy performance contracts. Rovio Installation Software' title='Rovio Installation Software' />Rovio Installation SoftwareGlobal furniture marketplace powered by blockchain technology. Mobile ticketing and MAAS Mobility as a service. Largest Digital Loan Marketplace in Germany. Vice President Al Gores letter to us encouraged to patent based. Earth by gravity, unlike any other solution. The educational project that helps highly motivated individuals to learn the English language and apply new knowledge for exponential growth. Virtual Traveller is a 3. Developer of the worlds smallest Io. TWearable module. Digital Collectible Card game developer. Yonoton boosts sales, adds revenue. We sell Ad Units in Virual Reality. Rovio Installation Software' title='Rovio Installation Software' />We offer software protections for mobile apps, against tampering and other attacks. Eyes Vision is selected as a SHOWCASE at SLUSH y SCIENCE. PCS THE NEW WAY OF PROVIDING SAFETY AND MANAGING ALERTS. PCS is an alerting and locating system designed for the duties of professional care addressing the safety and independence of persons in care to handle challenges caused by dementia. Visualizer helps hotels sell more meeting spaces and rooms by digitalizing parts of the sales process. Virtualreality, Augmented reality and Realitycapture. Instead of creating an educational toy, we let kids create their own toys in VRAR and 3d print them. We are a portuguese company that develops and provides distribution of autonomous production centers. D priting. 3rd Eye Studios are headquartered in Helsinki, with an office Shanghai. More Minutes Ltd is a Finnish edtech company, founded in 2. Minecraft. Edu and Kerbal. Edu. Providing 5. G cognitive self organizing networks solutions. Io. T based Analytics Technology for Healthy Smart Buildings. Stroke, Parkinsons PD and Chronic Pain. About 1. 5 to 1. 7 of Finns have a lactase enzyme deficiency. Rovio Installation Software' title='Rovio Installation Software' />Abvlab Oy is full stack development company based in Joensuu Tiedepuisto. ACE is an online marketplace startup company that offers a business to business solution to online merchants of physical, non perishable products. ADESANTE is a company providing high class virtual reality solutions for healthcare. ADNAVEM is a new and disruptive online marketplace connecting transport buyers directly with the worlds best logistics providers. AEROPOWDER is a startup creating novel insulation materials from waste feathers. Altogame virtual 3. Presentation To Video Converter 6.0 Serial. D platform transforms the way people innovate, collaborate and learn. Agora design, sells and installs high quality sound broadcasting systems for the entertainment industry live sound, entertainement, public address, broadcasting of security messages. Combining cutting edge AI research with real business needs. AIAR is revolutionizing the way people learn and develop skills through a unique Ed. Tech platform that uses AI to completely personalize the education process and innovative AR technologies to provide just in time knowledge. To empower through transparency. AISpotter provides better team results with faster video analytics. Our vision is to bring global accessibility to self driving vehicles, regardless of driving conditions, faster and safer than any other company in the world. Cloud. On. Move by AJR is a product that helps moving to cloud, between clouds and saves money by optimising cloud costs. The coach and to help startups to develop their businesses and link to investors. ALINA produces state of the art clay mineral materials by challenging how things are made. Journalist 103 The Left Reporting Live Zip. Digital Teacher Training on Finnish Education 2. Digital teacher training on Finnish Education 2. An IOT company making a sensor system that allows elderly people to live safer independent lives in their own homes. Solving mobile game discovery for the people. AOBEEF Shanghai electronic commerce co, LTD, is by the senior experts in animal husbandry and well known Internet Internet company senior management team to create vertical industry enterprises, the company in livestock farming and software research and development has more than 1. Rovio Installation Software' title='Rovio Installation Software' />Tabtight professional, free when you need it, VPN service. EUSKALIT es miembro del Comit de Direccin del Premio Quality Innovation of the year QIY, y en la fase local contamos con la colaboracin de Unibasq e. Should I remove Lenovo Assistant by Lenovo Lenovo Assistant is a systems manageability tool that runs on your Lenovo notebook and desktop computers. Internet. Digital health platform to capture patient generated data, including but not only medication adherence, symptom tracking, spontaneous adverse event reporting, Patient Reported Outcomes, healthcare usage and wearable data. Owner of big data from water usage. We are making sport application. Our team develops wearable technologies for health and sports applications centered around the belief that better exercise means a better life. Expert specialists in the marketing of scents, we design and create unique and delicated fragrances as an esthetic scent signature for brand concepts. ARX is a new kind of collaborative platform where teams interact with Holograms Artificial Intelligence to augment meetings and communications. We are a small new Japanese QA company, part of our parent company ASADIGITAL, leaping into the world and looking to bring the highest quality content to VR by working with those who want to achieve the best products possible. ASELUS is a company that generates sustainable solutions for the reduction of energy poverty in communities, we offer sustainable products such as the all in one solar light that is manufactured with 2. PET, we offer the service of installation photovoltaic system for residence, commerce and industry for each watt installed will be invested 0. An engineering based solution factory for the unmet diagnostic and therapeutic needs in the field of ophthalmology. ATITTUDE is a training company focused on development of young people form 1. AVAtronics has developed the first wide band Active Noise Cancellation Technology for Audio Industry capable of cancelling ALL unwanted audible Noise without destroying the Music Quality. AWE is creating location based 3. D audio apps and content. The Company has designed an Unhackable Cyber Security Processor. WE a brand of Aamra Holdings Limited is a combination of Digital Services, brought together to offer a unique and affordable end user smartphone experience that will impact and improve the quality of life of human beings from almost all age brackets, increase literacy and gender equality and reduce inequality from and within the society we live in. Aboenses product is a Visual Trainer. Acaments mission is to offer high quality university education online at affordable prices by combining artificial intelligence and the best efforts of numerous professors around the globe. Achievely is about thinking big and doing fast. Aciety is the marketplace of top software development companies. Action Squad Studios was founded by seasoned gaming and entertainment industry professionals from Rovio, Supercell, Remedy, Redlynx and Bugbear. Online shopping from a great selection at Apps Games Store. Last year, 2,336 startups gathered at Slush to take their companies to the next level. Nearly 6,000 prebooked investorstartup meetings, and thousands of random. Action Reaction Games is a mobile game start up company, based out of Helsinki, Finland. To achieve a low cost and efficient energy transition towards a carbon neutral world, new storage technologies are required. We make simulations and design optimization easy. Cisco Meraki works with thousands of customers in over 100 countries, including Stanford University, British Telecom, Burger King, Starbucks, and M. I. T. Applications apps, which extend the functionality of devices, are written using the Android software development kit SDK and, often, the Java programming. The Nordic Digital Business Summit is a unique International conference and exhibition held in Helsinki, Finland focusing on the Data Centre, Cloud and Internet of. WireLurker was a Trojan that was inserted into pirated Mac OS X software, such as popular game titles, as well as within simple Windows executables that promised to. Add. Search is an instant, visual site search that works on all devices and is easy to install. Kinetic Energy Recovery for Trucks. We have created UXblackbox, a monitoring tool for user experience which records the user activities on computer and mobile screen on video, as well as clicks, touches and keystrokes to be highlighted. ADVACAM designs, manufactures and sells disruptive digital color X ray imaging cameras for the Non Destructive Testing NDT industry.