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SiteCollectionImages/shop/new%20titles/2016/G13%203rd%20edition/RYAG13PowerboatHBKps1-lrg.jpg' alt='Rya Powerboat Level 2 Handbook' title='Rya Powerboat Level 2 Handbook' />RYA Competent Crew Practical Sailing Course in Scotland 2. Learn to Sail and Lessons on the Firth of Clyde and Islands, West Coast of Scotland, Largs Yacht Haven, Largs, Glasgow, Scotland, UKThe RYA Competent. Crew Course allows the holder to experience sail cruising at its best, and is the pre cursor course to the RYA Day Skipper Certificate. If you want to learn how to take active part in sailing and steering a modern cruising yacht, and have a fun sailing week whilst doing it, then the RYA Competent Crew course is for you. Pardini Sp User Manual there. It is often attended by those preparing for a charter or flotilla, and can be mixed with other course types like Day Skipper. No Previous Experience Necessary The courses are 5 Days Nights Full Board Mon Fri with Check In Arrival from 1. Sundays, at our Largs. Online RYA Sailing Courses, navigation theory courses sailing tuition. Power, sail vhf training. Yacht skippers, yacht deliveries skippered charter. The Day Skipper course is the perfect choice for intermediate sailors looking to expand their sailing abilities and experience in offshore conditions. RYA Powerboat Level 2 Train with Boatability in possibly the best training location in the world. Get your ICC international Boat Licence at the same time. Centre.    Return is for about 1. Friday and each night is spent on board in cabins, at a different island location marina, in the Firth of Clyde Islands sailing area. Sailing takes place during the day on a teaching and continual assessment basis so there is no exam or test. This is designed as an enjoyable cruising week with RYA Training. Image Scot. Sail Yachts. Couples will always get a Private Cabin at no extra cost, and individual females will always have a choice of a completely separate berth, or sharing a separated twin with another female. Different course types can be mixed on board. Each yacht is licenced for 8 persons, but on any RYA Course there is a maximum of. Five Persons 1 RYA Yachtmaster Instructor, per yacht with up to 5 yachts departing each week Sun Fri, and weekend Fri Sun for the three weekends option. Booking in advance with the 4. Deposit is advised to ensure that you get the dates you want. With our Refund Guarantee you can cancel for a full refund or change dates at any time up until 2. Sea Terms. 6. Man Over Board. Meteorology. 2. Sail Handling. Emergency Gear. 11. Seasickness. 3. Ropework. Customs. 12. Helmsmanship. Fire Precautions. Rules of the Road. General Duties. 5. Personal Safety. 10. Dinghies View More Scot. Sail Videos. If you want to learn how to take active part in sailing steering a modern cruising yacht. Competent Crew is for you. These 5 Days Nights courses run every week Sun Fri from Mid Feb to Mid Nov, with up to 5 yachts departing every week and weekend, returning on Fridays for about 1. There are usually special offers available for the last remaining spaces on a date. This course is also run over 3 Weekends. You can choose all 3 weekends in advance, or just pick one or two and leave the rest until later. Weekends start from 1. Fridays, returning for about 1. Sunday and you dont need to choose consecutive weekends. Duration. Standard Price. Dates. 5 Days Nights Full Board Sun Fri 4. Discounts for 2 Pers. Weekends Fri SunChoose Any 3 5. View Current Discounts Just 4. Deposit to Reserve View Sailing Photo Gallery One of the great advantages of a Scot. Sail RYA Competent Crew Course or Experience, is that you and your crew can choose where you want to go. Get Directions To Scot. Sail A typical course or experience, be it a week or 3 weekends sailing, will entail leaving our centre at Largs Yacht Haven and engaging in sailing activities and training during the day, whilst en route to a destination. You will likely cover many tens of miles up to 1. Rya Powerboat Level 2 Handbook' title='Rya Powerboat Level 2 Handbook' />Rya Powerboat Level 2 HandbookRya Powerboat Level 2 HandbookFrequently Asked Questions and Course Joining Instructions for ScotSail RYA Sailing Courses in Scotland. Rya Powerboat Level 2 Handbook' title='Rya Powerboat Level 2 Handbook' />Why choose Powerboat Training UK for your RYA Powerboat Instructor course The key thing that we can bring to a course is our considerable experience of training. View On Google Maps You and your crew will be completely involved in the decisions about where to travel to  and how to get there. This is all part of the course, is vital learning and all part of the fun There are plenty of places to visit  Isle of Arran, Kyles and Isle of Bute, Rothesay, Tartbert, Portavadie, Holy Loch, Rhu, Loch Long and Loch Riddon to name just a few you cant explore it all in just one week  Experience stunning mountains, castles, whales, dolphins, seals and birdlife even sail past Royal Navy submarines and other interesting marine traffic too Free App Downloads Offers In App Purchases Free Content.