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Tombstone 1882 Game' title='Tombstone 1882 Game' />TOMBSTONE AZ FIRES 1881 1882 As a result of the relative lack of water and quick wooden construction, Tombstone experienced major fires in June 1881 and May 1882. On this day in History, Cary Grant stars in Hitchcocks Suspicion on Nov 14, 1941. Learn more about what happened today on History. Tombstone 1882 Game' title='Tombstone 1882 Game' />Tombstone AZ The Bird Cage Theater. THE BIRD CAGE POLYPHONThe Famous Bird Cage Theater Polyphon on display, uses a large, long running spring motor that is coin operated. A Silver Dollar was used to play a Single Revolution of the disc. The music is produced by a Double Comb melody and Piccolo Section, mounted on a short bedplate, directly attached to the massive sound board. The sound performance is Loud, Rich and Resonant. The Walnut cabinet is in its original finish and shows some nicks and bumps from its earlier days of use in The Bird Cage Theatre. Many of the Original Discs are Still Playable, We Have Chosen 1. Played on The Bird Cage Theatre Polyphon and Recorded onto a CD. Copies are Now available for a Limited Time. ONLINE,Or in The Bird Cage Theater Gift Shop. PROSPECTOR ED SCHIEFFELINPROSPECTOR ED SCHIEFFELINIn the summer of 1. Ed Schieffelin was working the hills east of the San Pedro River in the southeast portion of the Arizona Territory, when he came across a vein of very rich silver ore in a high plateau called Goose Flats. When Schieffelin filed his mining claim he named it The Tombstone after a warning given him by a passing soldier. While telling the soldier about his rock collecting experiences, the soldier told him that the only rock he was likely to collect among the waterless hills and warring Apaches of the area, Would be his own Tombstone. DOC HOLLIDAY CUPDOC HOLLIDAY CUP In a interview with Val Kilmer about the movie Tombstone, He noted that the Doc Holliday Prop Cup was just a little to lightweight to do the flipping scene effectively, so they added some unseen putty to the inside for extra weight. AmericaFront-101264-full.jpeg' alt='Tombstone 1882 Game' title='Tombstone 1882 Game' />Tombstone 1882 GameIt let him get some extra inertia so he could practice and perform the scene. The Bird Cage is Proud to Sell The Best Quality Doc Holliday Cup Available. If you want to Practice Cup Flipping, This is the Perfect Weight, and the only cup that is a Replica of the Original, owned by Doc Holliday. Tombstone 1882 Game' title='Tombstone 1882 Game' />A Wild Resting Place For Gunslingers And Cowboys Many residents of the Boot Hill cemetery in Tombstone, Ariz. MDCCCLXXXII was a common year starting on Sunday of the Gregorian calendar and a common year starting on Friday of the Julian calendar, the 1882nd year of the. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. Tombstones Cemetery Boothill. Wild West. During the wild and lawless years of the settling of the West, some sort of graveyard could be found near almost every town or camp. Because many of the people in those settlements died rather quickly and unexpectedly, usually with their boots on, and were buried with their boots still on, these cemeteries became known as boot hills. The first and most famous of them all is Tombstones Boothill, which was laid out as a burial plot in 1. Tombstone Cemetery. On that rocky hill at the edge of town lie many of the legendary characters of the Town Too Tough To Die. When the rest of the world heard in the late 1. Ed Schieffelin had found a mountain of silver worth 8. Apache country, newcomers flocked in droves to the new boom town in Arizona Territory. Tombstone had no law except that of the gun and knife, and Boothills population grew quickly. Then as today, Boothill lies thickly covered with mesquite, cactus, ocotillo, and crucifixion thorn. Narrow piles of rocks mark the final resting places facing the Dragoon Mountains. At the head of each grave stands a small marker with an epitaph giving the name of the occupant, the date he or she ceased to be, and sometimes the cause of death. Naturally, there are a multitude of reasons as to how the occupants came to lie under these narrow mounds of rock on this wind swept hill. A number of graves are marked UNKNOWN, and there is no possible way to identify who lies in them. In most cases the identities were unknown at the time of burial. Tombstone was the wildest of boom towns, and strangers poured into the area daily. They carried no identification cards and often used aliases. The stories of these unknowns have been forgotten, but there are plenty of knowns in Boothill whose stories live on. Here are some of them John Hicks claimed his plot in Boothill early in the game. He had the distinction of being the first man buried there in a white shirt. During an 1. 87. 9 gunfight with Jerry Mc. Cormick and a miner named Jackson, John Hicks was killed and his brother Boyce was wounded in the head and blinded for life. John Hicks did not live to see Tombstone reach its peak. In just two more years, it would grow to have more saloons 1. On July 2. 4, 1. 88. T. J. Waters did two things he bought a new black and blue plaid shirt and then he got drunk. Little did he realize that the brightly colored shirt would cause his death. Friendly comments about his shirt from the men on Whiskey Row raised Waters ire. Finally, he said, Now, if any man here dont like my shirt, let him get up. Im boss here, and Ill knock any man down who opens his mouth about my shirt againUnaware that these words had been spoken, E. L. Bradshaw entered the saloon, smiled and commented about the shirt. Waters struck him a powerful blow, rendering him unconscious. Bradshaw recovered and found a gun. He located Waters in the doorway of Corrigans saloon and shot him four times. Waters was falling at the second shot and was dead at the fourth. Counter Strike Biohazard on this page. Bradshaw was arrested and brought before Judge Gray, but the times being what they were, he went free. Waters went to Boothill. In 1. 88. 7, gunman Buckskin Frank Leslie found himself a new girlfriend, buxom Mollie Williams. There was just one problemher current boyfriend was E. L. Bradshaw. The problem seemed to he solved one morning when Bradshaw turned up in an alley with a hole through his head. Many believe that Leslie had killed him to get Mollie. Buckskin Frank never denied shooting himbut he never admitted it, either. Bradshaw took his place in an unmarked grave in Boothill, and no more was ever said about the incident. Johnny Blair was a member of the Double Dobe Gang. He was out rustling cattle when he contracted smallpox. Two of his outlaw friends took him to a Mexican woman who was immune to the dreaded disease. She cared for him about a week before she proclaimed him very dead. One of Blairs friends went out to Boothill and dug the grave. The other rode up to the cabin and dropped a rope over the feet and around the ankles of the dead man. When he was certain the rope was secure, he dallied its other end around his saddle horn, and spurred his horse to start the funeral procession. It was quite likely the fastest ever seen in the old silver camp. At his waiting grave, Blair was hastily covered with a foot of Arizona dirt and rock. His epitaph tells the story all right JOHNNY BLAIR. DIED OF SMALLPOX. COWBOY THREW ROPE OVER FEET AND DRAGGED HIM TO HIS GRAVE. Charley Storms was rated by Wyatt Earp as one of the deadliest guns in the West. What caused his dispute with Luke Short in Tombstone lies forgotten in the musty records of history. Short was frequently called the undertakers friend. He did not stay long in Tombstone but was there long enough to send Storms on his way to Boothill. At the time of the gunfight on February 2. Short was dealing faro at the Oriental. Storms appeared, drunk, waving a loaded pistol about. After a brief argument with Short, he called him out into the street, telling him he was going to kill him. When the two met in front of the Oriental, both were rated as top notch gunmen. Charley Storms was considered better with a six shooter than Shortuntil their duel. Storms offered Short the shot and Short took it, shooting him twice through the chest. Down with a fatal wound, Storms still managed to fire several times, but not accurately enough. Luke Short holstered his gun and returned to his interrupted faro game, leaving the corpse in the street. The losing gunman now sports a marker that simply reads CHARLEY STORMS, SHOT BY LUKE SHORT 1. Billy Claibourne, 1. James Hickey in nearby Charleston on October 1, 1. Hickey was drunk, feeling mean, and reckoned the kid would add an easy notch to his gun. Consequently he followed Claibourne around, daring him to fight. Billy left Ben Woods Saloon and crossed the street to J. B. Ayers Saloon, with the taunting Hickey right behind. Again Claibourne left because of Hickey, and headed toward Harry Queens Saloon. Hickey stopped him before he could enter Harry Queens. Claibourne said, Stay away from me With those words he pulled his six shooter and fired. A blue hole appeared between Hickeys eyes, and he slumped to the board sidewalk. Constable Clark arrested Claibourne, who stood trial in Tombstone, but was acquitted because of Hickeys harassment. Old Man Clanton and five other men were bringing a herd of cattle up from Mexico in August 1. Only two men escaped with their lives the rest were shot down. Clanton and the other dead men were taken to Cloverdale and buried. Early the next spring, Ike and Phin Clanton moved their fathers body to Boothill so that he would be near their brother Billy Clanton. Billy met his end on October 2. Earp brothersWyatt, Morgan and Virgiland Doc Holliday met near Haffords Saloon, walked down Fourth Street to Fremont Street, to the neighborhood of the O. K. Corral, and into the bloody pages of Tombstones history. A confrontation with Tom and Frank Mc. Laury and Ike and Billy Clanton occurred in the vacant lot beside Flys boardinghouse. Guns roared and thundered for 3. Billy and both Mc. Laurys dead. On the opposing side, Morgan Earp was shot through, shoulder to shoulder, and Virgil Earp had a painful wound in the calf of his leg. The dead men were given an impressive funeral and were laid to rest in Boothill. Another marker up there reads Margarita, STABBED BY GOLD DOLLAR.