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Homes for Sale in Tallahassee FL Tallahassee Real Estate. Bayer Monsanto A Match Made in Hell. Six Reasons why Bayer Monsanto Merger Threatens People and Planet. Submitted by Food. Democracy. No. on May 4, 2. Originally published Global. Research 1.  A toxic mix. MI-OfficeMap-PhonesOnly.JPG?itok=mljcUVdE' alt='Usda Loan Zones By Zip Code' title='Usda Loan Zones By Zip Code' />Although widely used across the world, many Bayer and Monsanto products are highly toxic for people and planet an ironic illustration of our broken global food system. One kind of problematic Bayer insecticides are the so called neonicotinoids, whose active ingredients are a main driver of the large scale death of bees and other pollinators. Although this has horrendous consequences for ecosystems and food production, Bayer is unwilling to relent and has started an outright lobby war to overturn a partial ban in the EU. By the advice of EU food safety agency EFSA, the partial ban was issued for three neonicotinoids in 2. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac released conforming loan limits for 2016, by county. A lookup chart by U. S. county, plus analysis and live mortgage rate quotes. The most comprehensive source of information on incentives and policies that support renewables and energy efficiency in the United States. Managed by NCSU. Now that you know what lucid dreaming is, and you know the benefits and risks, its time to give it a solid try. Get ready, oneironautswere about to take off. Screen-Shot-2016-05-11-at-6.01.12-PM.png' alt='Usda Loan Zones By Zip Code' title='Usda Loan Zones By Zip Code' />Usda Loan Zones By Zip CodeBayer to hire product defense company Exponent to attack the scientific evidence underlying the ban. Right now, Bayer is suing the European Commission to see this partial ban overturned. But its war on science looks set to be in vain the EU is expected to announce a complete ban on neonics this year. In an attempt to at least limit reputational damage, the company is running Bayer Bee Care Centers a glaringly obvious greenwashing inititive. USDA home loans require zero down payment with a low 30 year fixed interest rate. Learn about the benefits and qualifications for this program get preapproved today. For Monsanto, its biggest worry is also its biggest cash cow glyphosate, the active ingredient in its flagship weedkiller Round. Up, was found to probably cause cancer in humans by the World Health Organisation. Still, its wide spread use means glyphosate residue can now even be found in human urine and breastmilk. Screen-Shot-2016-04-02-at-9.54.38-PM.png' alt='Usda Loan Zones By Zip Code' title='Usda Loan Zones By Zip Code' />This year the EU has to decide whether to grant another 1. WHO findings, an EU ban of the substance should be beyond debate. But Monsanto has been trying to rubbish the scientific evidence against its product and insisted the WHO study on glyphosate was junk science, as well as running the industry lobby group Glyphosate Task Force. Although the EU agencies for food safety and chemicals already concede that glyphosate can seriously damage sight and has long lasting toxic effects on aquatic life, they reject its likely carcinogenic characteristic in humans. Tellingly, these EU risk assessments are based on Monsanto owned studies that are not fully available for independent scrutiny and were not compiled by independent scientists. Trying to make the voice of civil society heard against this corporate capture of science, almost 1,5 million people signed a petition to ban glyphosate and a European Citizens Initiative has been launched to the same aim. Lobby spending. In the EU and the US, both Bayer and Monsanto have to declare their lobby spending in so called transparency registers. But these figures only cover direct lobbying in the capitals. Many other costs lurk beneath the surface. The US has a legally binding register with a quarterly reporting requirement. In contrast, the EU transparency register is a voluntary instrument without any sanctions for misleading declarations, making the declared data highly unreliable and often unrealistic. Activation Limit Exceeded. Elder Scrolls Daggerfall Retail Windows 7'>Elder Scrolls Daggerfall Retail Windows 7. Moreover, there are very few resources for verifying declarations, which renders it virtually impossible to trust the reported data. Given these restraints of the EU register, the EU figures on the EU lobby spending of Bayer and Monsanto represent only the tip of the iceberg. According to Open Secrets, Monsantos lobbying in the US in 2. EUs Transparency Register. And the situation looks similar for Bayer. While the corporation declared 7,7. US authorities, Bayer declared a mere 1,9. EU authorities. The vastly different declarations make it very hard to believe that these figures are accurate, especially considering that the EU market in trade terms is bigger than the US market. The declared lobby spending of Bayer and Monsanto for 2. But here too, this figure needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Aside from their in house lobbyists who attempt to directly influence legislation on their behalf, Bayer and Monsanto also rely on other lobby strategies to make their voice heard. Public relations companies, trade associations, think tanks, law firms, product defence companies and lobby consultancies are among the actors employed by Bayer and Monsanto to echo their positions, produce and push  studies in the companies favour, provide PR strategies etc. These companies get paid generous fees by Bayer and Monsanto, for instance to set up an industry orchestrated group from scratch. Gta Vice City Stories Psp Link on this page. An example is the Glyphosate Task Force, which is run by Hume Brophy for Monsanto. There is simply no way of knowing exactly how much Bayer and Monsanto spend on these for hire lobby actors every year presumably a large sum, which might by far exceed their spending on in house lobbyists. Taking this into consideration, Bayers and Monsantos combined total lobby spending in the EU and US is likely to be that amount many times over. Entangled in the lobby web Agribusiness corporations like Monsanto and Bayer have built a vast network of influencers to bend EU laws and safety standards in their favour. Lobby activities on their behalf are coordinated by lobby associations organised at global, regional and national level. In Brussels, Monsanto and Bayer are represented by the seed lobby European Seed Association ESA, pesticide lobby European Crop Protection Association ECPA, biotech lobby Europa. Bio and chemical lobby CEFIC. CEFIC alone employs around 1. European Union In addition, they get specialised support from lobby consultancies and law firms like Fleishman Hillard, Weber Shandwick, FTI Consulting, Hume Brophy, Hill Knowlton and Burson Marsteller. The Glyphosate Task Force, led by Monsanto and managed by Hume Brophy, is dead set on achieving an extension of the market authorisation of highly toxic glyphosate based weedkillers. Both Monsanto and Bayer are also members of industry funded science platforms like the International Life Sciences Institute ILSI or the European Centre For Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals ECETOC, which aim to skew the way products are approved in the industrys favour. Product defence companies like Exponent and Gradient Corp likewise pay scientists to cherry pick study data that is in their clients interest and for criticising independent study data that is not. Monsanto, Bayer, CEFIC and ECPA have all been using such services to defend cancer causing and fertility damaging crop protection products. A food system under corporate control. Our food system is undoubtedly broken Europes current model of farming and food consumption is destroying the planet and hurting people. But agribusiness corporations like Bayer and Monsanto continue to promote an industrial model of agriculture that is destroying soils, water supplies, rural communities and biodiversity, and thereby slowly turning the Earth into a desert. Monsanto and Bayer are two of the most influential companies in this industry and the negative consequences of their activities are felt throughout the globe. A merger between these two agribusiness giants would be catastrophic for people and planet. It would put more pesticides in our food and water, increase the amount of genetically modified produce on our plates and endanger public health. In addition, a merger of Bayer and Monsanto would increase the already massive corporate control over our food and farming systems and crush small scale and independent farmers.