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Windows Vista Boot Up Slow' title='Windows Vista Boot Up Slow' />Boot Windows 7 from a USB drive. Introduction Please note This tutorial enables you to prepare a USB drive so that you can boot directly to Windows 7 from the USB. Patty Douche Match Game. Hi,On the night of May 25th my system suddenly shut itself down. I thought it was just installing Windows updates but in the morning I discovered that my system had. If your Windows 7 or Vista computer has encountered the dreaded BOOTMGR is missing error, you arent alone. If the problem isnt hardware related you can. Find out how to use tools, such as Startup Repair and Deployment Image Servicing and Management, to solve Windows 10 boot problems. One of the questions I am often asked is how to speed up the time it takes Windows to load or boot. There are a variety of factors both hardware and software. How to fix the Windows 1. Many people who upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 1. The symptoms for this particularly curious bug include a black screen after seeing the Windows loading animation and your PC manufacturers logo, and the ability to move your cursor around the black screen but an inability to do anything else. For some, this process can take in excess of a minute. In our testing, we found two laptops that suffered from this problem. A Dell Inspiron 1. Acer Aspire V5, also from 2. The Acer added more than a minute to its initial boot time, while the Dell laptops boot time shot up by 2. There are various fixes weve seen working on our own laptops, and well start with the simplest first and escalate to more involved methods. Credit to the users on the Microsoft Community. Find out everything you need to know about Windows 1. Enablingdisabling fast start up. We were largely able to fix the sluggish boot speeds of our Acer Aspire V5 by disabling Windows 1. To do this, open the Start Menu and type power options and select Power Options when it appears. When the Power Options window opens, select Choose what the power button does from the list on the left of the window. If you see a small blue and yellow shield icon and the text Change settings that are currently unavailable, click the text. You may need to enter your password or your PC administrators password to do this. Now scroll down to the Shut down settings list. Untick Turn on fast start up and click Save changes. When you next switch on your PC you should immediately see a significant boot time cut. With our Acer laptop, the boot time dropped by 8. Most interestingly, switching Fast startup back on made no difference it would appear that the simple action of turning fast start up off and on again is enough to get Windows 1. Graphics drivers. The Dell Inspiron 1. Nama Nama Virus Dan Antivirus Komputer: Software. Some have theorised that the black screen before boot is a graphics driver problem that has been particularly bad for those on laptops that switch between Intel HD Graphics and a dedicated card from Nvidia or AMD. An easy way to verify this is to disable your AMD or Nvidia graphics driver and restart your computer. To do this, right click on the Start Menu icon and click on Device Manager. Click on Display Adapters and identify your dedicated graphics card. Itll be labelled Nvidia, AMD Radeon or ATi Radeon. Right click on the graphics card and click disable. This may cause your screen to go blank for a moment. Shut down your PC not restart and turn it on again to see if this has fixed the problem. If you only have Intel HD Graphics, you do not need to do this. If it is your graphics card thats causing the problem, re enable your graphics card using the steps above and then download the latest version of your cards drivers from the manufacturers websites amd. If youre not sure which driver to download, just select the option that automatically finds which card youre using. Once these drivers are downloaded and installed, shut down and restart your PC to see if the problem has been solved. If youre still experiencing a slow boot, its worth re checking whether toggling fast start up off and on is more effective with your new drivers. AMD power saver. If you have an AMD graphics card, there is one more step you can try. Go to the Start Menu and type regedit. Open regedit and click the Edit button at the top of the screen, then click on Find. Type Enable. ULPS and click Find Next. Enable. ULPS will be highlighted in the list of registry options. Double click it, and change the value from 1 to 0. This will disable a power saving feature that switches off your dedicated graphics card when its not needed and this will mean your laptop consumes more battery power, so only do this if your laptop spends most of its time plugged in. If all else fails. If none of the above solutions work for you, you have a choice. You can either downgrade back to Windows 8. Windows 7 if you installed Windows 1. Windows 1. 0 to its default settings, removing all your files and programs. To do this, search for reset in the Start Menu and click on Reset this PC, then Get Started if you want to reset Windows 1. Get started option if you want to downgrade to Windows 8 or 7. You can also do a clean install of Windows 1. If youre going to do a complete Windows 1. In addition, if you choose to reset Windows 1. Windows 7 or 8 forever, so you may end up being stuck with Windows 1. Windows 7 or 8 system image or restore partition. For us, resetting Windows 1. Dell laptop. The boot issues still remain when you restart the PC, but as long as fast start up is enabled, each time we boot up the PC, we no longer see the black screen. In addition, you can skip all of this entirely by choosing to put your computer to Sleep instead of shutting it down every time youre done using it.