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WWE 2. K1. 8 Release Date, Gameplay, Rumors, News, System Requirements and Updates. WWE 2. K1. 8 Release Date It has already been a while since WWE 2. K1. 7 hit the market. Get details on WWE tickets and events like WrestleMania, Live Events in your town, Raw, SmackDown, and more WWE on ESPN. ESPN. WWE Network WWE Studios WWE Books WWE Music Group WWE Monday Night Raw WWE SmackDown Live WWE NXT Wrestling WWE 205 Live WWE Main Event WWE Superstars. The official home of the latest WWE news, results and events. Get breaking news, photos, and video of your favorite WWE Superstars. WWE Raw, also known as Monday Night Raw or simply Raw, is a professional wrestling television program that currently airs live on Monday evenings at 8 pm EST on the. Founded in 2004, SEScoops provides daily coverage of the Professional Wrestling Sports Entertainment industry. News, Results, Editorials, Videos more from WWE. Includes downloads, cheats, reviews, and articles. From the most successful wrestling game series of alltime comes the next phenom in sports entertainment WWE SmackDown vs. RAW. Two worlds will collide as the most. And feedback from various quarters has revealed the fact that the latest game to have launched has been quite a hit among gaming enthusiasts. Taking a cue from that it can be said that gamers around the world will be very much eager to know any sort of news that will come up regarding the release of WWE 2. K1. 8. In fact, they must be looking forward to different upgrades and the new inclusions that the makers of the game WWE are going to make in this upcoming latest version. WWE 2. K1. 8 is set to be coming out in late 2. WWE 2. K1. 8 Release Date When is it coming outUpdate While an actual release date is yet to be announced by the publishers, it has now come to light that the fears that fans had about a possible delay due to their tight lipped demeanor were baseless. During Take Two Interactives recent earnings call, the parent company of 2. K Sports has confirmed that WWE 2. K1. 8 is now slated for a Fall 2. Unlike 2. Ks other upcoming title in the noted NBA 2. K franchise, WWE 2. K1. 8 has not been given a specific date as of now. However, it appears that the new entry will follow shortly after NBA 2. K1. 8 slated to come out on September 1. October. More news will undoubtedly follow through over the coming months, so stay tuned for more info. Meanwhile, heres the tweet from the creators to celebrate the announcement. Title Release Date USPlatformsWWF Smack. Down March 2, 2. Play. Station. WWF Smack. Down 2 Know Your Role. November 2. 1, 2. Wwe Raw 2003 Game' title='Wwe Raw 2003 Game' />Play. Station. WWF Smack. Down Just Bring It. November 1. 8, 2. Play. Station 2. WWE Smack. Down Shut Your Mouth. October 3. 1, 2. 00. Play. Station 2. WWE Smack. Down Here Comes the Pain. October 2. 7, 2. 00. Play. Station 2. WWE Smack. Down vs. Raw. November 2, 2. Play. Station 2. WWE Smack. Down vs. Raw 2. 00. November 1. 4, 2. Play. Station 2. WWE Smack. Down vs. Raw 2. 00. November 1. 4, 2. Play. Station 2,Xbox 3. WWE Smack. Down vs. Raw 2. 00. 8November 1. Play. Station 2,Play. Station 3,Nintendo DS,Xbox 3. WWE Smack. Down vs. Raw 2. 00. 9November 9, 2. Play. Station 2,Play. Station 3,Nintendo DS,Xbox 3. WWE Smack. Down vs. Raw 2. 01. 0October 2. Play. Station 2,Play. Station 3,Nintendo DS,Xbox 3. WWE Smack. Down vs. Raw 2. 01. 1October 2. Wwe Raw 2003 Game' title='Wwe Raw 2003 Game' />Play. Station 2,Play. Station 3,Xbox 3. WWE 1. 2November 2. Play. Station 3,Xbox 3. WWE 1. 3October 3. THQ,March 2. 5, 2. KPlay. Station 3,Xbox 3. WWE 2. K1. 4October 2. Play. Station 3,Xbox 3. WWE 2. K1. 5October 2. ConsolesApril 2. PCPlay. Station 3. Play. Station 4. Xbox 3. Xbox One. Microsoft Windows. Kmspico V9 1 3 Final. WWE 2. K1. 6October 2. ConsolesMarch 1. PCPlay. Station 3. Play. Station 4. Xbox 3. Xbox One. Microsoft Windows. WWE 2. K1. 7October 1. ConsolesFebruary 7, 2. PCPlay. Station 3. Play. Station 4. Xbox 3. Xbox One. Microsoft Windows. WWE 2. K1. 8October 2. Play. Station 4,Xbox One,Microsoft Windows. Last years title was launched across consoles in the middle of October, while the PC edition will be released on February 7, 2. Standard and Deluxe versions. On May 3. 1, 2. 01. Goldberg as the bonus character when users would pre order them. So the launch of the game WWE 2. K1. 8 is once again something that fans are looking forward to. Like the previous game in the series, we think a 2. K will launch the game around early to mid October in 2. So fans can keep their fingers crossed for a Q4 release of the upcoming edition of the WWE 2. K series. WWE 2. K1. The hype around this upcoming video game is already increasing with each passing day, and it seems like WWE 2. K1. 8 Release Date will be officially announced much sooner than our expectation. Read Here Dead Island 2 and Fifa 1. News and Rumors. WWE 2. K1. 8 Gameplay Features and Rumors. WWE in real life has been an action packed freestyle wrestling competition. And you can expect the same when it comes to the virtual world. In fact, the WWE 2. K series has been a real hit among the gamers who follow WWE in real life. So it will be great news for them as we predict an October release of WWE 2. K1. 8. And this upcoming title promises further enhancement to an already high end game. The gameplay is definitely going to be even smoother with all the technical upgrades coming in. The animation will be even better than what it has been in the previous versions of the game. Players can certainly expect to have better control while making an attack and the reactions are also expected to be visible even more clearly than before. The fighting board is going to more prominent that is bound to make seasoned players all the more excited about getting ahead with the game. Also, the camera angles are going to get even more accurate to give a better real life feeling. Also, the crowd variety is the feature that is going to be upgraded for it is the viewers reactions to a match that matters when it comes to games, be it in real life or virtual life. Fans can also expect to see an overall upgradation of the presentation of the game. The facial features, that is, the facial expressions, the facial complexions, everything is going to get much better with the advent of WWE 2. K1. 8. One idea that we have on our minds for WWE 2. K1. 8 is the ability to take fights truly out of the ring. This was brought in WWE 2. K1. 7 to some extent, and thats a great start. But imagine if you could play the game in a setting where you could basically just take the fight anywhere you want without restrictions. You could also use anything that you can get your hands on in diverse ways, like hurling them at your opponent or smashing them to the ground. We imagine something like this will take some serious amount of work, especially in a yearly cycle. Pc Richards Whistle on this page. But it will be worth it. However, no talks about improvements in presentation can be complete without a word about the commentary. While the overall handling definitely feels better, the commentary aspect in WWE 2. K1. 7 is pretty painful to endure. One of the foremost things that fans everywhere want to see with WWE 2. K1. 8 is a more enlivened and authentic commentary element. User created storylines would be great too, if one really knows the game well and what to do with it. WWE matches are all about the drama and the associated flair. We can all agree that letting us create our own storylines and making them available for other players would be really cool. For WWE 2. K1. 8, it would be a great way to expand interaction among players and add our bit to the game that we love so much. More realistic weight detection mechanics absolutely need to be brought into WWE 2. Waldorf High School Teacher Training Program. K1. 8. We understand that the creators have to go a long way before making any headway with the kind of realism that we really want in the games, but this is something that really bugs players. Especially if you are a professional wrestling fan, you will know how badly the lack of proper weight detection hampers the games. For the next installment, we would love it if the creators took this seriously and addressed the issue. In the ring, a lot depends on the size of the wrestlers, and it is just plain annoying that this is not reflected in the video games. Sure, 2. K is aware of this problem and they have clearly been working on it as was evident in WWE 2. K1. 7, but it definitely needs to be improved. That means that in no way should a smaller character be able to overthrow a larger opponent in extraordinarily unrealistic ways.